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The Floor Sanding Experts
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Dustless Floor Sanding in London

It might sound paradoxical, but with the advancement of science and technology, including the material science, the value of natural resources only increase. As man exploits the earth and loots what was created over the centuries, the naturally available materials increase their value. Gold, still is the safest investment known to us.

Material science might have invented thousands of varieties of materials that can be used as flooring materials, but wood still is the most premium, elegant material to adorn ones floors. It is one of the quintessential features of English building for centuries. The elegance, respect and the overall effect that wooden flooring commands, hardly any other material can emulate. Even the not so genuine laminated flooring can add a great look to ones interiors. When a floor has the real deal, solid wood flooring, such as walnut, oak or beech, it brings out the best of one’s interiors.

A properly maintained wood floor can last for over hundred years. A well maintained wood floored house commands a premium in resale value. But, for that, it has to be maintained well. One can’t avoid the daily wear and tear that a floor suffers, be it the little ones scribbling on it, moving of furniture, water spills and dust n dirt affecting flooring, wooden flooring slowly loses its sheen and starts looking dull. But it is the not the end of life. The answer is Floor Sanding.

Floor sanding is a process, where the top layer is removed by sanding the surface with abrasive material. This exposes the fresh layer beneath the top surface, making the flooring look as freshly laid. Sand Flooring has three essential steps; Preparation, Sanding, and Coating the new surface with a suitable protective sealant.

In the preparation phase, any protruding objects from the surface, such as nails, are carefully punched down or removed. If they are left as they are, may cause great harm to the sanding machine. Sanding is the actual sanding process, where grit papers of varying coarseness are used for sanding. Sanding begins with coarse grit papers and proceeds to finer grit papers. An edger is used to sanding nooks and corners. The final step involves coating the surface with a sealant. For the finishing one can use lacquer, wax or oil. A wooden floor can be made to adjust with the décor using colored stains or waxes.

The Floor Sanding Experts are the London based floor sanding company, specializing in dust-free floor sanding service. Dustless sanding, where wooden floors are sanded without any dust, is something one must consider getting. It not only prevents the dust from settling down in nooks and corners of one home or office, but also has health benefits. Dustless sanding is a must for those with respiratory problems such as asthma or those who suffer from allergies. The dust caused by sanding, if not removed, settles down on the floor and the sander needs to clean it properly to see the work in progress and to decide how much further sanding is needed. But in dustless sanding, dust containment system removes the dust in real time, making the work progress faster and better.

Anyone living in London, or areas close to London, must consider dust-free floor sanding from The Floor Sanding Experts.

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