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Homeopathy comes from two Greek words, homo (similar) and pathos (suffering). Developed by the Saxon physician Samuel Hahnemann in late 18th century it is most famously expressed in the exhortation similia similibus curentur...
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  • ABC Homeopathy : Complete online guide to homeopathy.
  • British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy, The : Homeopathic remedies for all forms of allergies. Includes allergy diagnosis and treatment.
  • Buxton Homeopathy : Janet Mellor is a qualified and experienced Homeopathist working in the Buxton area.
  • Heilkunst : Established in 1997, preserves and promotes the principles and practice of Heilkunst.
  • Homeopathic Rehab : Homeopathy treatment for addiction, mental health, criminal behavior, juvenile Crime and behavior disorders.
  • Homeopathy : Leading homeopathy portal serves as online network for homeopathic professionals, students, patients and general public.
  • Homeopathy Encinitas : Homeopathy treatment and healing of autism, asperger's, arthritis, bipolar, depression, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, cancer, PMS, PTSD and more.
  • Homeopathy Home : A homeopathy information site.
  • : Offering homeopathy and reiki for anxiety, arthritis, migraine and many other ailments.
  • London Homeopathy : Homeopath based in Southfields and Fulham, South West London offering homeopathy for depression, anxiety, infertility, post natal care and Pregnancy.
  • Simillimum : Providing homoeopathic education to homoeopaths around the world.
  • Whole Health Now : Providing patients and general public with quality complementary health products, services and resources at the lowest possible cost.
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