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Give Your Business the Advantage of Hosted PBX

VoIP, which is an acronym for "Voice over Internet Protocol", is a technology that enables transmitting voice through internet. It is also referred to as Internet phone or Broadband phone. VoIP allows one to call any computer or telephone via the internet at a fraction of the usual cost. VoIP is easy to install and implement. The only requirement for using VoIP is a high speed internet connection such as DSL or cable. With the help of a VoIP phone service, one can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on the monthly business phone or residential phone bill. VoIP is especially useful for those who often need to make long distance calls and are looking to minimize costs.

The Voice over IP industry is an extremely competitive one, with new VoIP services being launched at a rapid pace. Unfortunately many of these VoIP services disappear as quick as they are appear, as they simply cannot survive the intense competition and the constant need to innovate, which is possible only through sound research and development system in place. To find and compare between the various VoIP services available on the Internet is by no means an easy task. With the ever-increasing number of VoIP providers, it is imperative to select the correct Voice over IP service based on your specific requirements and calling pattern.

Vocalocity is a leading small business Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service provider. It has been, with consistent and efficient service, making its mark in the VoIP market. It is recognized as one of the leading VoIP services providers in the market. Vocalocity delivers robust telephone services at extremely affordable small business price. What makes it unique as compared to other VoIP service providers is, Vocalocity offers Hosted PBX solution that eliminates the management headache of on-premises business phone systems since it hosts and maintains all the equipment at its locations itself. This results in reduced cost of ownership. It also eliminates the need for customers to hire outside consultants to install and manage their phone systems. There is no hardware cost associated with Vocalocity as it does not require customers to purchase any costly equipment, or install special phone lines. The hosted PBX phone solution from Vocalocity is a true blend of high quality voice services and features, at an affordable price.

VocalocityPBX being a hosted PBX solution has many inherent advantages over local PBX system -

- Businesses are not required to buy any costly equipment. This reduces the initial investment as well as implementation time.
- Businesses are spared from the need to constantly upgrade the local equipment, thus avoid technology obsolescence.
- It also facilitates scaling as the business grows, since the business is not required to invest on buying new equipment. Downsizing too is equally easy.
- Calls can be routed to any phone - phones within office as well as outside. This brings in more efficiency in operations among geographically dispersed offices.

Vocalocity does not believe in any hidden costs and offers an affordable monthly package for unlimited calling and unlimited faxing. The monthly charge also includes any support that one may require. The fast and efficient customer service enables a customer who signs up for a service with Vocalocity, to have a system up and running in only 15 minutes! And with Vocalocity, one can reduce one’s telephone bills by a whopping 80 percent!

Hosted PBX solution offered by Vocalocity lets small businesses enjoy telephone services and features enjoyed by large companies at a fraction of a cost, projecting them as big companies. Having a company that has invested over $15 million in its technology to provide hosted PBX solutions, small businesses stand a good chance of benefiting from continued innovation and customer support.

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