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Interim Management – It is Effective and Efficient

An organization is but a collection of individuals working towards a common goal. An organization is as good as people working in it. Addition of efficient people improves the organization’s performance and at the same time attrition can cause its performance to suffer. In today’s hyper competitive business climate, an organization can hardly afford to lend itself to be a victim of such vagaries, particularly when high employee attrition rate is a reality.

Inducting an employee into an organization is like a marriage, with many of its complexities present. Announcing a new opening, screening applications, rounds of interviews, selecting the most suitable candidate among the lot of candidates who applied, waiting for him/her to serve notice period in his/her present company, all together rarely takes less than three months. After induction, then there will be training and orientation period.  If it is a replacement of an employee, most likely that employee is just counting his/her days. If only one could find an interim person to manage the functions until a suitable permanent hand is ready to take over, it would help. Yes, there are Interim Managers in the market and it is a well organized industry.

Interim Management is a temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim Management helps an organization through a period of transition, crisis, or change. Interim Managers are highly skilled and experienced people, having handled similar transitions or crises. As opposed to contract staff, who usually serve in the lower-to-middle management levels and most of whose goal it is to find a permanent position, Interim Managers serve in the senior management levels and have chosen such a profession for the flexibility it offers and for the pure thrill of it.

 Interim Management as a value proposition offers many advantages –

- Time Factor: You will have an interim manager within days as against months it takes to find a permanent staff.

- Qualification: Often, interim managers have better skills and experience than what one would expect of permanent personnel.  This helps them bring in a high Return-on-Investment (RoI) to the hiring organization.

- Hands-on Management: Interim Managers are not consultants, but take active part in the hiring organization. They are accountable for their actions.

- Not Prejudiced: Interim Managers are not part of an organization’s culture, nor are they affected by the office politics, which help them deliver their functions objectively.

- Works with Senior Management: Unlike temporary personnel, who are more interested in extending their tenure, Interim Managers work to achieve results. Since Interim Managers often work along with and/or report to the CxOs, they are effective.

- Commitment: Interim Managers’ prospects depend on references from their past client organizations and naturally they want to keep an illustrious work record.

Impact Executives specializes in providing Interim Managers at short-notice for diverse needs such as managing a phase of growth, handing organizational change or making up for loss of key management personnel. Headquartered in London, Impact Executives provides interim management services throughout the UK and the world. On board Impact Executives, there are managers experienced in many functions, including finance, HR, sales & marketing, and general management, capable of taking on diverse challenges such as business growth, turnaround, managing bids, backfilling permanent roles etc.

For any organization, grappling with temporary quality man power crisis, interim management comes as an ideal solution.

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