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Intrepid Travel
11 Spring Street
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia 3065
Phone: 1300 364 512
Fax: +(61 3) 9419 4426
e-mail: generalinfo[at]
Get Off the Beaten Track - Travel the Adventurous Way

A vacation is a wonderful way to relax and get away from the humdrum of daily life.  It provides a welcome break from the stress and pressure that one faces at work. One comes back from a vacation, feeling rejuvenated and revived, ready to face the challenges in work and personal life.

Basically there are two types of vacations. The first kind is the run-of-the-mill kind of tours that most people go for. These tours, offered by most travel companies are more or less the same. They include certain amount of sightseeing that covers important places of a city and does nothing more than that. Most of the times, they fail to provide that sense of excitement, the sense of thrill and ecstasy that one desires from a vacation. This specially holds true for the adventurous and high-spirited, for whom these vacations can sometimes become boring, and almost monotonous. On the other hand, there is individual backpacking, where an individual or a group of individuals hike into the countryside to spend a couple of nights, carrying with them their own supplies for their resting and eating needs. It offers great excitement and sense of adventure. But planning and organizing the trip are issues that an amateur traveler is not best placed to handle.

Intrepid Travels strives to bridge this gap. For vacationers who want a different kind of holiday and wish to explore the less explored tracks, Intrepid Travels opens up whole new avenues. It explores some of the world’s most amazing places, and offers real life experiences along the way. It offers tours to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East. For instance, the tour to the less explored polar region, with its wildernesses and sheer beauty, isn’t on the travel itinerary of most regular travelers. Here, one can explore the less trodden path of the Antarctica or the Arctic region, and watch the penguins and polar bears in their natural setting. These are the kind of holidays that is sure to stand out from regular holidays, and Intrepid Travels is best equipped to organize.

The Queensland Adventure is another example of spectacular tour offered by Intrepid. The sheer beauty of the rainforests and sandy beaches is sure to help one relax and unwind even as one cruises to an island, exploring shipwrecks, freshwater lakes and rugged sand dunes. And as one explores Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Airlie Beach and much more, one is sure to want the holiday never to end!

Intrepid Travels allows its customers to select holidays based on their travel style and preference. Their website enables travelers to choose a holiday based on their taste and preference. From a basic style to comfort, active or challenging styles, Intrepid has it all.  Each of these styles is specially designed keeping in mind the interests and preferences of the target audience. Their user-friendly website also grades the level of cultural shock that one is expected to experience.

Starting in 1989, Intrepid Travels has been providing people with unique travel experience, making every trip a memorable one. It helps travelers become a part of the country they are visiting. With a staff of over 600 professionals, Intrepid offers travel to over 90 destinations and boasts of many different styles of travel. Another USP of Intrepid is that it believes in a small group where every person is given utmost attention and whose needs are taken care of. This is the reason why its tour has an average of about only 10 people per trip. Intrepid also selects the hotels with utmost care. Food is another important aspect of any holiday, and Intrepid is well-known for the food it offers on its tours.

If you are the kind of traveler that gets fed-up with the impersonal umbrella-guided tours, then perhaps you should give Intrepid Travels a try.

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