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The old camp-fire that must have been the first kitchen is still with us during trekking and outdoor expeditions, but for the most part kitchen is where the most important ingredient of our life is prepared...
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If the way to a manís heart is through his stomach, the kitchen must have a very important role to play. A true omnivore unlike any other animal or plant, manís appetite for gastronomic experience has given rise to the thousand and one cuisines around the world. The old camp-fire that must have been the first kitchen is still with us during trekking and outdoor expeditions, but for the most part kitchen is where the most important ingredient of our life is prepared. The venue of the preparation of the simple family dinner as well as the sumptuous feast for a hundred guests, the kitchen is a utilitarian space where every aspect is designed for a reason, and every accessory fulfills a need.

Food has always been a culturally sensitive issue, and the way of preparation of food, its presentation, dining as well as the people who may do specifics tasks, etc, are all defined by the cultural mores of the society. If burping is essential and a statement of enjoyment in Japanese society, it is heavily looked down upon in most other societies. There is absolutely no uniformity regarding cooking or eating styles. Whereas in most Western countries food is mostly eaten by spoons and forks, in most Eastern societies, food is eaten by hand or by using chop-sticks. In some areas dining is a personal affair, in others it is a communal event where all join in.

The modern kitchen is a technological marvel and the product of thousands of years of innovation. While fire and water are the primary requisites, the ways of their application differ from one system to another. Various accessories help in the cooking processes, from baking, cutting and grating, to grilling, juicing and mixing. Modern microwaves can cook food without lowering the calorific value. Kitchen utensils of a thousand types provide proper eating ambience, much of which is again defined by tradition Ė for example we have different glasses for taking water and beer, and there is no rational reason why they should be so. In effect, the whole of eating process is a testimony of the peccadilloes of man, and speak of the endless variety that is our civilization.

This section of the directory is a tribute to manís constant pursuit of innovation, presenting to you the world of kitchen and dining appliances. The resources linked to in this page are a perfect portal for all your kitchen and dining needs.


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