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All American Modular LLC
750 Spaans Drive, Suite F
Galt, CA 95632
Phone: 877-744-0403
Making Dream Homes Come True, the Modular Way

Home is where the heart is, it is said. Everyone longs for a dream home, a place that is warm and comforting and where one can simply relax after a long day at work. A home provides a safe haven, a place where one can unwind while spending time with loved ones. Building a new home is an important decision, and an expert is needed to guide one through this important and crucial process.

Today, there are several options available for building a home. A modular home, for instance is a very popular choice among many people. A modular home is one that is divided into several modules or sections. These modules are manufactured in a remote location and then delivered at the site of use. The interesting fact about modular homes is that they are built based on local state or council code. Modular homes are more cost-effective, and require less time to build as compared to their ‘on-site’ counterparts. Besides, they are great for recovery from natural calamities, unlike traditional homes.

Multi-family style homes can be traced back to the native inhabitants of Spain. Today, multi-family style house plans are designed to bring more than one family together. Multi-family style house plans are designed so as to fit already existing homes so that the new structure blends well with the existing structure. While building a multi-family home, the materials used should closely resemble that of the already existing home.

Equipped with just your dreams and imagination, a custom home plan enables one to build a new home from scratch. The team of professionals at All American Modular understands today's home plan industry. From a small cozy single family home to an estate size 2-story design, the professional team of experts at All American Modular can help build custom homes catered to suit every taste and budget.

All American Modular also has expertise in commercial buildings. It offers an exciting and versatile array of designs and plans to suit individual requirements.

For those interested in a new home, but are unable to put up with the rigors of building a new home, All American Modular also offers manufactured homes. Manufactured homes are homes that are built in factories rather than on-site, and then set up on the property. Manufactured homes are more cost effective, and hence prove to be a better option. All American Modular offers different kinds of manufactured homes such as single section, double section and triple section.

Besides providing options for homes, All American Modular also caters to your need for financing. It offers a range of loans, to accommodate individual requirements. For instance, it offers land home loan, home only loan and FHA and conventional financing.

At All American Modular offers a wide variety of home building solutions, catered to meet specific needs. Ranse Gale, the owner of All American Modular, has over 12 years of experience in the housing industry, and has helped hundreds of families make their dreams of home ownership a reality.

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