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Masterbuild Roofing
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A Roof Over Your Head

As with all commercial properties and residential homes, the roof is considered to be a vital part of the building construction. In the roofing services industry, contractors specialising in this field offer various kinds of roofing services including installation, restoration and preservation. Businesses involved in the roofing services industry establish or setup various kinds of materials used in roofing such as metal, slate or tiles. Some businesses in this field for exclusive restoration and repair services including guttering and as an additional value add service, plumbing is also provided.

According to the IBISWorld Market Research Report, the roofing services industry in Australia is likely to render revenue of over $ 3.2 billion in 2014. Given the upswing in new housing construction in 2013-2014, the roofing services industry is projected to increase by 2.5% over the previous year.

Since the last decade, there has been a surge in installation work on roofing due to the government's infusion of over $ 14 billion for refurbishing schools in the primary sectors, according to the ‘Building the Education Revolution’ scheme that was initiated in the late 2000s that has now proved to be a huge advantage for roofing contractors across the country.

Although at the end of the day, there is no sure shot prediction of the future with regards to the prospects of the roofing industry, there has been a great deal of optimism as the market is beginning to recover especially in the commercial sector. It is believed that by the year 2016, the expenditure for commercial roofing services will rise exponentially, thanks to the rising growth of the manufacturing sector and commercial properties.

Even as the overall economy continues to stay volatile and uncertain, roofing contractors are hopeful that non-residential businesses and similar such organisations will be ready to budget for constructing expenditures, inclusive of roofing. Also hopeful is the rapid improvement in residential and new constructions that has given a boost and additional activity in the sector.

And while roofing contractors are optimistic about the road ahead, green systems are increasingly being demanded by commercial as well as residential owners while installing roofing services. There is a great demand for energy saving building material with regards to new home construction and even renovation. A great deal of interest is being shown by homeowners who are seeking green products that will offer long-term solutions to combat the growing cost of energy bills while at the same time looking to promote environmental and economic sustainability in the community at large.

Especially promising are the technological advancements of solar roofing systems. Currently there are thin film solar roofing technological products that are permitting homeowners to set up a solar roofing arrangement without penetrating the roof. In addition, the latest types of photovoltaic panels now seem to appear and mimic regular roofing tiles or shingles. These panels can easily be peeled and stuck on the metal roofing system thus providing clean energy and sustainable building for the future.

Interestingly, vegetative roofing systems and solar panels that offer life-cycle cost savings are no longer looked upon as luxury item but are now being sold as standard products. It is predicted that by 2014, rooftop residential solar systems and ground mounting systems will reach an all-time high. The focus on energy efficiency is continuing to increase by the day, and roofing contractors are optimistic about the future of green systems as they see a focus on cool roofing systems offering energy efficiency especially for low slope commercial roofs.

Property owners, today, are far more knowledgeable and have a better sense of understanding with regards to the environmental benefits of a properly installed green roofing system and its energy conservation benefits. Hence, roofing contractors will need to up their game in offering the best services at competitive pricings. At the end of the day, the most successful roofing services contractors in the coming years will be those who profess an accurate knowledge of what their clients and customers perceive with regards to individual preferences and market demand.

Operational for over 10 years in Brisbane, Masterbuild Roofing offers roofing and roof restorations (roof repairs) for both residential homes and commercial properties and also provide asbestos removals, guttering and insulation installation.



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