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Miss Liberty
205 Rivonia, Morningside, Johannesburg, 2196
Phone: +27679949885
A Timeless Womens Fashion Brand That Brings Out The Lady In You!

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it” ~ Edith Head

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." ~ Miuccia Prada

The adage “You are what you eat” can easily transpose with “You are what you wear” in today’s world. It is not to disregard the fact that humans are more than how they appear outwardly and looks are only skin deep. True as it may be, we can’t ignore the compulsions and realities of the ways of things in our society. If “The first impression is the best impression” proverb is true, equally true is - We are judged by how we dress ourselves.

Only a man, or a woman, who has reached the highest level if self-consciousness, can transcend the trivialities of physical looks and shines regardless of how he or she appears. But for the less mortals, basically most of us, our clothing defines us. People judge and form opinions based on our dressing sense.

Our self-confidence builds on several factors. Our appearance is one of the main factors that makes us confident of ourselves. When you are well dressed in a social setup, the appreciation and adoration we receive builds our confidence and then it becomes a habit. There isn’t almost anything a confident man or woman can’t achieve. The innate feeling that we are desired and admired, makes us at ease with our surroundings.

When we watch a period drama, we unconsciously become aware of the era of the event based on the clothes worn during those times. It won’t be wrong to say clothes define the cultural shift of a society through the time. The clothes we choose to wear today, will be the significator of the time we live in for all future times to come.

Miss Liberty is a women’s high fashion brand based out of South Africa. However, their brand transcends the boundary, for a low minimum qualifies a purchase for free shipping anywhere in the world. They feature a wide range of styles that appeals to the discerning modern woman, ranging from active, high performance to soft, warm, and comfortable lounging.

Their clothing line consists of broadly two variants, namely Active Wear and Leisure Wear.

Active wear line consists of close-fitting dresses that enhances the silhouette of a lady by hugging the body at the right places. While the Leisure wear, also called Loungewear, places an extra emphasis on comfort factor, making a lady feel float among the clouds wearing ultra-soft and comfortable material, yet not drowning out the beauty of a lady’s figure.

They also feature a trendy line of Ribbed Wear. Ribbed fashion employs a unique knitting style of rows of vertical ridges and dips, creating a raised texture. They can be close-fitting, yet with a flexible stretch. They give the combined feeling of a sharp, close-fitting appeal and the comfort of a loungewear.

A full refund or exchange guarantee within 30 days of delivery completes the unique offer of a global brand that is sold locally.

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