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Modern Worktops
Hambling Nursery
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The Value of Granite and Class of Quartz Worktops!

Different elements make up a home. Brick and mortar provides the structure onto which other elements of comfort and necessity can be fitted. Flooring, painting, wallpapers, metal fixtures, ceramic wares, electrical wiring and fixtures, cabinets and furniture, home décor, worktops or countertops, and more. In this piece of article we will focus our attention on worktops.

Worktops or countertops are flat surfaces onto which to keep things and perform some functions. Worktops are most commonly installed in kitchens, bars, bathrooms, laboratories, or workrooms. They are usually installed on cabinetry at a convenient height suitable for the desired function. There is an overhang at the front to protect the cabinetry below.

A variety of materials are used for worktops. Materials selected for worktops are selected depending on their durability, functionality, hygiene, appearance, maintenance needs and cost. Most commonly used materials are natural stones like granites and marbles, quartz, hardwood, stainless steel, zinc, epoxy, and concrete. Each has its own merits as well as some issues.

In addition to providing support for keeping things and to perform specific task such as cooking, kitchen  worktops make room for installing stoves, sinks, ranges, and cooktops. Usually the worktops are pre-cut and finished along with pre-machined details, allowing for installation of sinks or stoves. Later they may be carried to the workplace for fabrication. This avoids the need to carry the waste back and forth.

Granite and Quarts are two very popular choices for worktops. While granite is a natural stone like marble, quartz is a silicate mineral. Both these materials are often used in households of the UK and elsewhere. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Granite in general is a cheaper alternative to quartz. However, there are high quality granites that are costlier than quartz. Being a natural stone, like all natural materials, it contains flaws and irregularities. These irregularities might appeal to some people and some, such as Dame Agatha Christie’s popular detective Hercule Poirot, may prefer perfect symmetry. Granites also need sealing to prevent the harbouring of bacteria and fluids. Picking the right stone is important as it is the quality of these stones that will determine the final quality and durability of worktops.

Quartz on the other hand is typically costlier than granite. Quartz is uniform without flaws and has little variation in colours. They are naturally scratch resistant and require almost no maintenance. Sealing is usually not required in case of quartz. Quartz come in a variety of colours, which you don’t find in granites.

Modern Worktops ( is one of the leading specialists in quartz and granite worktops in the UK. With over 20 years of experience, this family owned business strives to provide the best quality materials, while not being unduly expensive. Modern Worktops advices clients on the selection of right materials and designs, depending on their goals and needs. The skilled craftsmen at Modern Worktops cut, fabricate and install with precision. Being a family business and not focused on sales maximization, Modern Worktops comes across as a vendor as well as guide one can rely upon.

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