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Generic Viagra - Pleasure to Suit Every Pocket!

Sexual pleasure is every person’s prerogative and generic Viagra is the proof! Viagra got instant popularity amongst all age groups due to the crucial problem this drug addresses. This drug is meant for problems related to sexual dysfunctions in men, which mainly include erectile dysfunction and impotence. The drug improves sexual stimulation and also helps men in getting and maintaining the erection for longer time by increasing the blood flow in penis.

The term Viagra is the popularly used term for Sildenafil, the active content of the drug responsible for its properties. Viagra is the brand name for the drug but its popularity has made it synonymous with the drugs used for such dysfunctions. However, the cost of the drug has been a big setback for many who can’t afford paying hefty for the pleasure. Generic Viagra has been a great move in breaking this barrier.

  • What is generic drug?

Generic drug is the drug produced by any generic manufacturer with the same contents as the branded one after the patent for the drug has ended. This means that the drug is offered at very affordable rates compared to the branded counterparts.

When any company invests years of research and trial in developing a drug, it applies for the patent to retain the same under its solo brand. The patent is usually granted by the authorized body for certain years in which the initial brand would recover its money and also earn substantial profits. The drugs are usually costly during this period due to higher Demand – Supply ratio. Generic drugs enter the market after the completion of patent period, but are very competitively priced due to many manufacturers producing the same drug and competing on the common platform. This holds true for Viagra as well!

Generic Viagra is basically Sildenafil drug manufactured by multiple generic drug manufacturers. It is affordable by many and hence makes pleasure affordable!

  • Are these drugs effective?

Generic drugs are manufactured with the same set of ingredients, process, and regulations as followed by the original brand. The effectiveness of these drugs may be no less when compared to the actual brand. Customers usually pay extra for the brand name that is established over years and not the end results as the end results are mostly similar because of the same content. In fact, it has been observed that more utilization of generic drugs would eventually lead to reduction in the price of branded drug due to the competition.

  • Word of Caution!

Whether one takes the branded or generic drug, it is important to follow the dosage instructions as prescribed by the manufacturer to get optimum results. It is also recommended to buy generic drugs from reliable source for health safety.

My Canadian Pharmacy Pro is Canada based company founded in 2003 as a local pharmacy in Ottawa, Ontario. Later they broadened their operations with an idea to serve their customers with affordable generic lifestyle drugs that add to the happiness in their day to day lives. With the motto to serve their customers with the best, the company now manufactures various generic drugs and is popular for generic Viagra that is also sold online on the company’s online portal.

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