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Travel Idea Engine

It is said that security is the top most priority of a human being. The immediate security of food, shelter and clothing are the basic physiological need and once that is satisfied, then social security associated with needs such as phones, credit cards, entertainment, insurance, education and so on. When these needs are satisfied, what is one to do? Indulge in recreational activities such as sports, theater, clubs and travel. The basic needs and the secondary needs are entwined in a very strange relationship. If one doesn’t have food to eat, how s/he is to enjoy a holiday? Or, if one doesn’t take a holiday or indulge in any recreational activities, what is the point in living a life?

It is too late in life if one repents at his/her old age that s/he didn’t do that, didn’t see the world or didn’t ever go clubbing for instance. Travelling is one particular activity, if one indulges in, will have very few reasons to repent later in life for not doing much in life. On the other hand, if one does everything else, but travelling, will have that one single thing weighing one down. Travelling is a gateway to the world. Seeing the world and people sharing living space on this wonderful mother earth, is a very humbling experience, where we can put our own existence in perspective.

There may be different reasons for traveling. To see the wonders of the world, wilder side of the nature, ecotourism, historical monuments or just for leisure. But what one derives from it all, cannot be too different. The new age technology-aided internet based life we are fortunate live, has made visiting Siberia not quite too difficult than visiting Miami - the wide contrast and exaggeration intended. You can plan the whole itinerary, places to stay, places to visit, mode of traveling, currency requirement, visa arrangement, travel insurance, all and sundry, sitting at home. When you are traveling, you can make sure you never get lost with a handy gadget thing called a GPS device, having satellites for company! Boy, has traveling become too convenient and definitive that we tend to lose the thrill of it all?

Well, the process of travel has become a lot more convenient than before. Now, what about the question of which places to visit? In good old days, you would simply cross-over to your friendly neighbor or coworker for ideas. Now, we have strictly mandated ourselves to get all our questions answered by the internet. So be it. There is a for you. It is a travel idea generation engine that works like your friendly neighbor, but with a lot more useful information that your friendly neighbor can only provide by opening his laptop and connecting to the internet.

With, you type in a place and it tells you nearby places to visit, with all the useful information that helps you make a decision. What is technologically cool about is that you can let it GPS locate you and it generates travel ideas for you! Too bad, internet can’t really carry you out of your home and bring you back.

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