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Central Heating Systems

Nature is the biggest source of inspiration to man, inspiring him to invent many new things. Man has invented an Air Conditioner when it is hot and a heating system, when it is cold. Both these adverse weather conditions can be extremely unforgiving and over the centuries, we have invented means to keep ourselves comfortable.

During winter it can be extremely cold in places such as northern Europe, Northern Russia, Canada and the United States. There is no option but to heat the space around you. In good old days, one had to have a fireplace in each of the room of a house, which of course is difficult to operate and maintain. In the 19th century, a central heating system was conceived and created. It works as though the heat from a single fireplace was carried into many rooms of a house.

At a fundamental level, a central heating system consists of a boiler and radiators. Water is carried into a boiler from water mains. Boiler fires and heats this water. The source of energy can be gas, oil or electricity. The pipe containing water that is exposed to fire is just a portion of a network of piping system that runs through the house. A pump keeps the water under constant circulation. The heated water moves through the pipe into the radiators placed in each of the room that needs heating. Radiators are heat exchangers that consist of a grid of pipe bent at right angles, with fin like shape to maximize their surface area. When hot water is passing through a radiator, it heats its surrounding area through convection, thus increasing the room temperature. Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. When water has given away heat, it turns cold at each radiator, and comes back into the boiler, when this process is repeated.

This is how a central heating system was initially built. But man keeps seeking more convenience. When you come back home, it is very cold and you switch on the boiler and it takes time to heat the rooms. After the boiler has run for a long time, it is pretty warm now and you could do without heating, so you switch the boiler off. It is too much of work and too inconvenient. Precisely for this, thermostat was introduced, which is a kind of fuse that fuses when it is too warm or starts when it is too cold.

Currently the most popular boiler, particularly in the UK, is Combi Boiler, short for Combination Boiler. It doubles up as a hot water heater, without the need for a separate tank to store water. It is portable and produces hot water quickly. When a conventional boiler operates, a lot of heat is wasted in the form of exhaust gases. An improvement is made to improve the efficiency in the form of Condensing Boilers, which utilize the latent heat in exhaust gas to heat water.

Northern Gas Heating is the UK's local supplier of new Central Heating Systems. It is one of the UK’s leading central heating installation companies, with nationwide service coverage. Northern Gas Heating supplies and installs Gas Central Heating Systems, Condensing Boilers and Combi Boilers. It has won the coveted H & V News awards for Domestic Heating Installer of the year 2010, besides many accreditations.

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