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What Makes Online Forklift Certification & Training So important For Forklift Operators?

Career opportunities for forklift operator have widened but at the same time the safety criteria for this role has become stricter. Forklift operators would get an opportunity to work in factories, construction sites, shipping docks, and warehouses. Any high school diploma holder or GED can aspire to become forklift operator after undergoing extensive training. The aspiring candidate may undergo the professional certification or training while on job or before taking the job, so as to adhere to the safety standards established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Undergoing the formal training as certified by OSHA would increase your chances of getting selected for the job as this certification will be awarded only after training the candidate in all aspects of forklift safety and operation.

Availing the Forklift Certification Online
Training calls for dedicating sufficient time to the classroom studies and attend lectures, which may not be possible while you are on job but this certification can now be availed online too! Online certification will ensure that you undergo the formal training without missing your work days. This way you will be trained as directed by OSHA and not even miss your pay or lose your work because of remaining absent from work. Certification and license renewal of the forklift operator is also the responsibility of the employer and hence online certification is becoming popular.

How does online certification work?
Online certification that is OSHA compliant would undergo different phases. The operator can either approach for this certification directly or the employer can enroll the operators to get the group discount. The formal training and certification is later followed by employer evaluation which may lead to wallet card.

  • Formal Training – Formal training regarding the operation and safety rules established by OSHA can be availed online by following the link provided by the trainer. The operator can follow the link at his convenience from anywhere and anytime from various devices like laptop, computer, and tablets. An online test can be taken on completion of formal training as and when the operator finds it suitable. The certification is awarded on successful completion of formal training and test. The next step is the evaluation by employer.
  • Evaluation by Employer – The learnings of formal training are applied by the operator at work and the employer would evaluate the same. The certification comes with evaluation form for employer which is just like a checklist that can be used for evaluating the operator on-site. The online certificate gets its validity only after successful on-site evaluation by the employer.

License Renewal
The license thus achieved by the operator needs to be renewed every three years or even when the employer installs some new machinery into the workplace. In all these events, the employer may seek the online certification and license from the reputed online certification company for his operators.

Ensure the safety at workplace with regular online certification and training from reputed organization for all the forklift trainers as this will not just make the operators “future ready” but would also make the entire workplace safe.

Forklift Certification Institute ( offers trusted online certification and training solution for forklift operators and their employers. This organization with its wide squad of trainers and experts having more than thirty years of experience have ensured that the forklift operators adhere to all safety standards decided by OSHA and also have valid license for becoming efficient forklift operator.

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