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Only Local Locksmith
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24/4 Emergency Locksmiths in the Tristate Area

In a perfect world, a Utopian Society, there is no need for security, laws, police, or is there any fear. But, alas, we do not live in a Utopian world. There are people of all hues and shades. One is left to himself to protect and safeguard. We need laws to protect our rights and punish the guilty; we need security forces to rein in anti-social elements and locks to safeguard our valuable possessions.

Yes, how many times do we lock and unlock in a day and how many times you go back to see if you indeed secured the lock properly? Locks are omnipresent in our society and we hardly ever consciously notice their presence, until you have forgotten your keys or forgot to lock your main door. This humble lock allows us to leave our house without fear of theft and keep valuables inside our cars.

With time, locks have evolved. From the ancient Egyptian wooden pin locks, that were a simple set of bolt, door fixture and a key, to the latest electronic access control systems, time is witness to an astonishing evolution in a cat and mouse game between the security system and those who are determined to break it. Whether it was the locking system of the ancient times or the modern electronic access control system, the purpose has always been the same, to allow access only to the authorized persons.

Locksmithing is a responsible profession. They are the makers and maintainers of security system. Their honesty and integrity to the profession should be impeccable. Locksmithing is usually a traditional profession, where families pass on this tradition to their lineage. In these modern times, formal training is provided with professional certified diplomas and degrees. There is scope for vertical specialization such as automotive locksmith, safe technician, or security consultants.

Fitting of locks and replacement of keys is the primary job of most of the locksmiths. Availability of locksmiths at the hour of need is a very important aspect, as such a need can arise at any ungodly hour or holidays. For all practical purposes, a locksmith is like a physician, answering to distress calls. The scope of locksmithing, however, has grown beyond the fitting and replacement job to installation of high quality lock-sets and the design, implementation and management of keying and key control systems. Apart from this critical role, a locksmith is also required to undertake a risk assessment of a building, individual or an institution and suggest and implement an appropriate security system, and its security policy, so as to prohibit the possibility of access violations.

Only Local Locksmith (w is a family owned and operated locksmith company since 1971. Only Local Locksmith was one of the first locksmith companies in the Tristate area to offer mobile locksmith service in 1979, under the leadership of its owner Bill Roberts. The company offers emergency and non-emergency services for residential, commercial, and auto customers. For all its work, Only Local Locksmith offers up to 12 months of warranty. The company employs professionals that are well trained, licensed and insured. The company offers special discounts to students, crime victims and senior citizens. The company’s services are available at a flat rate 24/7. The prices are transparent and made public on their website.

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