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Religion binds people together; it teaches love and compassion towards fellow beings; it provides solace to people who are tormented by misery, disease, poverty, and ill health...
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Featured Sites
  • : A Christian Community for seekers, skeptics, and believers featuring information on various religious aspects, Biblical studies, about Christianity, and more.
  • Circle of Professional Clairvoyants - Psychic Readings : Offers psychic readings from professional psychics and clairvoyants by telephone and email.
  • Desert Springs Community Church - Goodyear, Arizona : Goodyear, AZ, community church spreading the God's word through a vacation bible school, bible stories, adult ministries, a youth pastor, Christian music, Beth Moore books & tapes, and more.
  • e-Watchman : Provides prophetic insights and in-depth examination of teachings of Jehovah.
  • Jesus=888: Christian Studies, Poems & Fiction : Christianity site offering free ebooks, Christian studies, poems and fiction. Also provides information about Christology, Theology , Prophecy, Apologetics, and more.
  • Knights Templar Regalia Shop : Provides history and information on the Knights Templars, the guardians of many secrets including the Holy Grail. Also offers merchandise and member offers. Free to join.
  • Featured Article Psychics 4 Today : Shares powerful insight into psychic readings and what one can expect from it. Empowers readers with knowledge to differentiate between real psychic readers and frauds.
  • Temple of Love, The - World Peace Religion : A new religious concept working towards the greater peace on earth, by striving to unite all the religions including Christianity. Islam, Judaism, and more.
  • Truth About Da Vinci : Offers insight into many questions related to Christianity, including questions such as "is Jesus God?, is the Bible true?, was Jesus married?, are there lost books of the bible?", and more.
Site Listings
  • Aikido Philosophy : Offering a bridge that facilitates travel between the domains of body, emotions, human relationship and spirit.
  • : Online ordination to the ministry without seminary study.
  • Cultural Catholic : Provides Catholic news about lay catholics, the Catholic Church, local churches and more.
  • Fellowship for the Performing Arts : Max McLean presents bible stories through his dramatic portrayal of the events.
  • For Family Online : Non denominational Rhema family church located at 3945 E Patrick Lane, Las Vegas.
  • Gurudwara : Organises exclusive Sikh pilgrimage and Gurudwara tours.
  • Interfaith Calendar : Primary sacred dates for all world religions.
  • Monastery, The : Non denominational ULC church supports a full spectrum interfaith ministry.
  • New Tribes Mission : Plants churches among isolated, indigenous people groups.
  • Religious Forums : A religious forum for religious discussions, comparisons, debates and education.
  • Universal Life Church : Offers free ordination, seminary training, ministerial supplies for weddings, funerals and more.
  • Wizanda : Open discussion on all religions and beliefs, with religious books as references.
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