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Searching, as We Knew it Then and Now!

Penchant for knowledge has always been the hallmark of mankind. If we are to call ourselves the civilized, it is the knowledge that we could acquire over many centuries, which is responsible. Knowledge was disseminated from one person to the other in the initial days, later was being recorded on some rudimentary media such as on the walls of the caves, palm leaves and so on. With the advent of paper and printing technology, books, dictionaries, directories and encyclopaedias became the source of knowledge. Computing technology and the subsequent advent of Internet and information technology, exploded the knowledge industry and put it on a fast track. All through these evolutions and revolutions in the knowledge industry, a basic child-like curiosity to know things has remained undiminished, but driven it stronger than ever.

Now, still relatively in its nascent stage, internet has become an ocean of knowledge. It is now practically possible for one to live in a remote island in a corner of the world, yet be up-to-date in the worldly affairs, if internet is made available. There isn’t almost anything that one can’t find on the internet, as long as what one is looking for is within legal boundaries. If internet followed a directory model, where websites (which can be called an element that make up the internet) were listed under different categories, search engines came into being when directories couldn’t discover and list the vast number of websites that were being created every minute. Of the many search engines that helped mine the information contained within internet, Google stood out from the rest, which still commands a major share of the search market to this day, other two notable competitors being Yahoo and Bing.

It is said that over two-thirds of the first time traffic to an average website comes from search engines. It makes the visibility in search engines extremely critical, unless the webmaster of a website is quite content with one-third of the total traffic possible. Visibility in a search engine is confined to its first page results, or may be the second page at best, but seldom beyond. If a dentist practices in a particular city, it will do him a world of good, if his website is found on the first page of a search engine when someone searches for say “Dentist in City”.

But then, there can be only ten websites (which is the standard today) on the first page of a search engine, but there are at least over one thousand dentists in my city?, one might ask. Here comes the search engine specialist, called search engine optimizer. He specializes in an art called search engine optimization, which is about giving the best visibility possible for a website in search engines. He will make the website design compatible with search engine algorithm, write or edit content that is search engine friendly while being useful for target audience, write appropriate META tags and improves the popularity of the website called, link popularity, so that it is easier for it to be found.

But search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term activity. Many people want results like yesterday. While being invested in SEO, one has the option of participating in advertisement opportunity that all search engines provide, which mostly is based on Pay-per-Click (PPC) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions).

Page Traffic is one of the leading Indian search marketing companies that has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Chicago and London. It has won several industry awards and participated in many events and symposiums. Besides search marketing, Page Traffic also specializes in social media marketing.

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