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Precision Roller
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Office Equipment and Supplies are to a Business What Weapons and Ammunition is to a War!

In todays’ competitive business eco-system, which stands testimony to Darwinian evolution theory of survival of the fittest, running a company is like going into war! Drawing parallels between running a successful business and mounting a battle may be beyond the scope of this article, the similarities must be quite apparent to the reader. Victory favors the one that has planned better, better equipped, efficiently put plans into actions and has reacted to challenges effectively. If any one of the ingredients to success is missing, it will be like running a race with a weight on ones shoulders.

A business may not be faulted for reacting to challenges that leaves much to be desired, but one must be faulted for not planning accurately or for being under-equipped. Both these two are within ones sphere of control, and only but the business itself is to blame for the lack of action.

A business, to succeed in the marketplace, has to get the best of everything that it can directly control, so that it can better face challengers that are not directly in its control. It must have a business environment and HR policies that motivate the employees to perform to their optimal best. It must have all the necessary office equipment, IT infrastructure, marketing collaterals, gadgets and apps, to keep up with the competition and to ensure the lack of any is not a liability on performance. If a company has the best in class office equipment and ensures the continued supply of it, it helps company focus on issues that are strategically critical such as expanding the market-share, building competitive advantage in the domain, innovating new ideas and practices, reducing the cost of delivery while maintaining the quality, optimizing service/product delivery, customer satisfaction etc.

Office supplies are the weapons of war. There are varieties of equipment and supplies that are needed to successfully run a business. If one thing that is often used to symbolize an office, is the presence of a printer. They are the ubiquitous items on the desks of many an office. One only realizes their importance in their absence. Printers are used for a variety of applications such as for reports, invoices, stock-keeping, pay-slips, printing of labels, barcodes, etc. HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark are some of the leading suppliers of printers and printer supplies such as toners, ink, print heads, ribbons, cartridges etc.

Computers and related supplies are another major category of essential items that need to be in constant supply and maintenance. They include cables, barcode scanners, networking supplies (such as servers, routers, switches etc), flash drives, power equipment, servicing aids, cleaning supplies etc.

Then there are essential office tools such as hand tools, service tools, tool kits etc. It is important that a comprehensive requirement auditing is done to assess the needs for a particular business type and set about fulfilling them with cutting edge equipment, tools and supplies. After all, a business doesn’t want to be left behind in pursuing never-ending business excellence?!

Precision Roller is a leading supplier of parts and supplies for most office machines. Established in 1974 as a manufacturer of replacement rollers for copy machines, the company has come a long way in becoming a supplier of comprehensive range of personalized office solution.

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