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Printing is a method that reproduces words and images, usually with special ink on paper with a help of a printing press.
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Considered to be an important component of publishing and transaction printing, the process of printing is usually carried out on a large scale industrial process.

One of the earliest forms of printing was seen in China, somewhere before 220 A.D., in the form of wood block printing. Egypt followed suit in the fourth century and as developments began to arise, movable type of printing was initiated in China.

The printing press is attributed to Johannes Gutenberg, who introduced the concept in the 15th century for making the printing process highly efficient for Western languages. Currently, almost every kind of movable printing has been derived from the innovations set by Gutenberg in the field of movable type printing. The printing press introduced in 1436 by Johannes Gutenberg is believed to be the leading invention of the second millennium.
Around the globe, over 50 trillion pages are printed on an annual basis. There are more than 35,000 printing companies in the United States alone that accounts for $ 115 billion, according to the Industry And Market Outlook.

The most widely form of printing technique in today's age is known as offset printing, where the inked image is transferred from a printing plate onto a rubber surface, then on to the printing area. Along with the lithographic process, the offset printing method engages a flat surface known as a planographic carrier on which the text to be printed receives the ink from ink rollers, while the area that does not require printing touches a thin film of water, thus keeping the surfaces where nonprinting is required ink free.


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