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Know Your Customer Has Never Truer for Direct Marketing Campaigns

Let us consider a case study. Company “I Am The Best LLC” has just released a Payroll Software. This payroll software relieves the pain off of an HR Manager and CFO of a company in preparing monthly payroll of a company. What is unique about this software is that it seamlessly integrates backward and forward, while living in peace in an Oracle ERP environment.

The software can communicate with an Access Control System to know the workdays/hours of an employee to prepare the payroll for a month without having to pore over his/her attendance. It is built to be compatible with Intuit software, the leading Financial, Accounting and Taxation software. Through Intuit it can process monthly paychecks, files taxes and help it maintain the accounts arising out of the human capital. This system further consolidates with an Oracle ERP System so that the organization can run on an autopilot.

With this freshly minted software, the next challenge is to market it. That is, to communicate the message to relevant organizations that are in the best position to take advantage of it. Faced with this challenge, there is likely to be a day long meeting with the company stakeholders, exploring ways to promote the software. Participant A in the meeting suggests, let us advertise on Bloomberg and CNBC. The suggestion is turned down on the contest that why show the ad to a company that doesn’t have access control system or doesn’t run on Oracle, besides it being too expensive. We are billed for every viewer that views the ad.

Participant B says, let us use Digital Marketing. Google and Facebook together have almost everyone on the planet. But how on earth does Facebook know whose company uses Oracle ERP or if he/she is a decision maker or at least an influencer? Google perhaps yes, but what about those who never thought there can be a better way of preparing Payrolls? He/she is never likely to come to Google and search for one.

And so the meeting continues until one wise lady proposes direct marketing. We will reach companies directly via email, postal mail and phone calls. This way we can speak only to people who are in business and are decision makers or influencers. It is not that there are a million people out there, who are in a position to benefit from our software. We need to hit a target of just 100 installations to run as a profitable business.

Direct marketing is among the marketing strategies that is precise and cost effective. However, the effectiveness of the strategy depends on the quality and newness of the list that contains the data. The data may contain the name of the company, individual, address, phone number, email at a basic level. But what makes an average list from a great one is the availability of different parameters called “Selects” such as turnover, employee size, designation of an executive, software used in the company etc. Higher the number of available Selects, better targeting will this mailing list lend itself to.

Taking the above example of a Payroll software company, the ideal mailing list would comprise of details including, turnover, employee number, ERP is deployed, if the company deployed Access Control system, if they are already using another equally good Payroll software, and the contact details of the concerned HR head.

Prospects Influential List Brokers provide targeted mailing list for direct marketing campaigns. Over the years, their list brokers have provided thousands of direct marketing lists to large corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses located within the US, Canada and worldwide. They are one of the leading authorities on direct marketing lists for use in direct mail, telemarketing & opt-in email campaigns.

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