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Restaurants these days are usually distinguished and classified in a variety of ways.
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Restaurants have been in existence in ancient times as can be seen from reports in ancient Rome and ancient Greek. Referred to as Thermopolia, these eating food spots were areas that offered food and drinks to people. Due to the lack of kitchens in many houses, the popularity of these ancient restaurants was well-known. Moreover, the concept of eating out was important as it encouraged and built socialising among community members. Archaeology reveals that in Pompeii, over 160 Thermopolia were discovered with service counters, across the town centre and in large public areas that were most likely to have been patronised by the citizens.

Restaurants these days are usually distinguished and classified in a variety of ways. One of the principal divisors of differentiation include the kind of food served at the restaurant itself, for instance non-vegetarian, seafood, vegan, steak; the kind of cuisine such as French, Thai, Italian, Indian, Chinese; and also the kind of styles in delivering food for example, a buffet restaurant, a Tapas bar, a sushi outlet, yum cha restaurant, tastet etc. Over and above, restaurants may also differentiate themselves on various characteristics such as the speed of offering, commonly referred to as fast food restaurant, custom/convention, venue, price, service or innovative themes ( robotic restaurant/automated restaurants, for example - Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, 's Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg, Robot Kitchen Restaurant in Hong Kong.)

Restaurants vary from budget-and-casual lunch and dining places supplying food and drinks to people employed nearby, with basic food dished out in unsophisticated settings at inexpensive prices, to exorbitant establishments serving elegant food and fine wines in a ceremonial setting.

In every country, restaurants have to be open to scrutiny by health inspectors to uphold principles and codes for public health, such as wielding good sanitation and cleanness.


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