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Background Screening – A Preventive Measure in Hiring

At an individual level, a person has individual freedom and rights. As a part of an organization, that individual has a collective responsibility. An organization can be any entity where more than one individual come together, sharing a same goal, such as a family, co-operative society, a corporate entity or even a state. When, a group of individuals come together, they are expected to share qualities and merit that are in line with the organization’s goals. At a broad level, an individual is called a citizen of a state and there are various records to substantiate it. However, when an organization is inducting a new member to its fold, it is only natural that the organization does a due diligence to verify that that individual fits the function he/she is expected to discharge and he/she is a good fit to the organization’s goals.

Unfortunately, in the times we live in, we cannot take an individual at his/her own valuation. Their claims and records need to be substantiated using all possible resources. Particularly, when the function an individual is expected to discharge is sensitive, the need to ensure compliance is even more critical. For an individual to transform from I to We, representing an organization, it is in that organization’s best interests to make sure that that individual is worthy of being in the organization. Consequences of a misfit of an individual after he/she has been inducted is much larger than the efforts that go into due diligence before the person is inducted.

Routinely, employers carry out background checks on job candidates. As the size of a company increases, calling for frequent new recruits, this process itself becomes a substantial activity, needing them to be outsourced to companies that specialize in it. Types of background checks include, employment references, education verification, gaps in employment, identity verification, address verification, criminal history records, credit history etc.

Carrying out background checks is a delicate and sensitive function. There is a thin line between legitimate background checks and identity theft/violation of privacy. When a company decides to outsource this function to a third party, it is critical that the company does a background check of that third party, for the hiring company is ultimately responsible for the actions of this third party. A legitimate background screening company will be happy to explain the processes employed to carry out background checks.

S2Verify is a background screening company in the United States, offering employment screening, volunteer screening and contractor screening services. It has offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. The company specializes in automating the background screening process, using advanced technology and integrated electronic workflows, to save time and improve efficiency in hiring. Towards this, the company employs Automated Screening Intelligence, an automated employment background screening decision software. Automating this process helps employers hire candidates faster, using a consistent employment screening process, by automatically reviewing and scoring results as eligible, decisional or ineligible. It also helps to remove subjectivity from hiring, if done manually. S2Verify uses professionals with a background in law enforcement and expertise in criminal justice to review criminal records for accuracy and completeness. When there are better minds with better resources to carry out a specific, routine activity, doesn’t it make sense that a company does what it does best and leave out the rest?



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