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UK Family Law Firm

Families are the primary units of a society. A family is started by entering into one of the most sacred and valued institutions of the society called the Institution of Marriage. It is this institution that is holding our society together and ensuring it carries on in an orderly manner. Individuals work hard and live a disciplined life for the betterment of ones family. In the absence of a family, each one of us will pull in different directions, sending the civilized world into anarchy. Different people may argue in favour of different systems of life as the most important, but it is the Institution of Marriage, thus a Family, that is perhaps the most important of all, holding checks and balances without explicitly doing so.

When a family and its members are in perfect harmony, we have a utopian society. But the concept of utopian is just that, a concept. It is seldom to be achieved. Centric to a family are the individuals who are the members of it. Individuals differ in ideas, personalities, interests, values and such. When these values and interests are in conflict with each other, there is bound to be friction. Most such differences, on most occasions, get resolved amicably. But there are instances when such differences are too large to neglect and may affect adversely on those around. Best recourse to such a problem is through expert counseling. When counseling fails, one needs to cut losses and move on. This is where family law is important and plays its role. When both the members of a family are right, or feel they are right, what the law says is ultimately right and removes the angle of subjectivity from the warring partners.

There are different aspects of family law, dealing with different situations that may arise in a family life. Even in cases where two individuals haven’t entered into a formal relationship, such as cohabitation, family law plays a role. Starting from prenuptial agreement, where the partners enter into an agreement to protect themselves in the event of a divorce, to wills and probate, family law deals with all the aspects.

When a dispute arises, children are the most affected. Given that they are dependent on their parents, children should be given the most consideration while resolving disputes. Interests of children must come before anyone else’s. They are often at a tender age when they can be emotionally affected which can last a lifetime. Matters of domestic violence or divorce should be resolved with children at the forefront. Law ensures children get necessary support, emotional and financial, when a marriage has fallen out.

Shortlands Law Firm, located in London, UK, exclusively deals with Family law, thus has a specilisation in family matters. The law firm resolves family related issues of individuals who are citizens of England and Wales, living in the UK or abroad. Shortlands specialises in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody, pre-nuptial agreements, collaborative law, domestic violence, financial settlement, cohabitation, mediation, and wills & probate. It offers a no-commitment consultancy to individuals seeking legal recourse to their disputes.

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