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First-hand Price Wholesale Glow Sticks in Bulk

What are the traditional modes of lighting? Candles (Flame), Electric Bulbs and LEDs. Have you noted in all these sources of light there will be either/or need for a supply of electricity/ battery or there is generation of heat. There may be circumstances, where you don’t have access to a power source, such as electricity or battery, or heat emitted in the light can be dangerous. For instance, in mining. When there is a gas leak, it is dangerous to burn candles and you don’t have reliable power source such as electricity or batteries that work in such emergent situation.

Glow Stick is a unique invention that is free from the drawbacks of the above-mentioned traditional sources of light. It produces light even when there is no electricity or battery and doesn’t produce heat when giving out light. Applications of this wonderful invention is as wide as your imagination could be.
What is a Glow-Stick?

Glow sticks are plastic tubes of varying lengths and shapes, when twisted or bent, let out cold light in varying colors. They are single use light sources that can’t be turned off. The duration of the light can range from 4 hours to 24 hours. Dimmer lights last longer. Glow sticks are relatively cheap and reasonable disposable, making them widely accepted as an alternative source of light.

How Does Glow Stick Work?

Glow sticks work on the principle of “chemiluminescence”. Without sounding too technical or complex, glow sticks consist of an inner brittle tube incased inside a flexible case. The inner tube contains a chemical called Hydrogen Peroxide, while the outer casing holds a mixture of a dye, a catalyst, and Diphenyl Oxalate, When the glow stick is bent, the inner brittle glass vial breaks and all the chemicals and dye get mixed. In this process, the chemical reaction lets out cold light. The color emitted by the glow stick depends on the dye used. Manufacturers adjust the concentrations of the chemicals to achieve short-duration bright light or long-duration dim light.

Glow Sticks, as the name suggests is typically in the shape of a stick, of different lengths. However, with connectors, a wide variety of shapes can be achieved. There are Glow Necklaces, Glow Bracelets, Glow Novelties such as glow glasses, glow balls, bunny ears, and more!

There are a wide range of applications for glow sticks, and new uses are still being discovered.

Entertainment – Glow sticks are widely used in parties and dance clubs. Glowsticking has become a form of dance.
Outdoor activities – Scuba divers in particular use glow sticks in nighttime dives to observe marine life, where using bright flashlights may render it not feasible. They are also used in camping and trekking.
Survival – Glow sticks are increasingly becoming part of survival kits.
Emergency Situations – Emergency services widely make use of glow sticks for rescue operations. They are handed out to people to keep track during nighttime, as well as attached to life vests and lifeboats for ensuring night time visibility.

There are several uses to glow sticks that this article can hardly cover.

Sinoglow is a manufacturer and wholesaler of glow sticks, with factory in China and offices in the US. They offer quality glow sticks and a wide range of glow apparatus at affordable prices. They offer free shipping to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and most of the EU countries.

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