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Sullivan Uniform Company
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Red Kap Uniforms & Work Clothing

The apparel oft proclaims the man.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


Profession, season, time of the day and location are a few factors that influence a person’s choice of clothes. Whatever occupation a person is in, it is important that he or she dresses to the occasion. Attire for a profession that is universally recognized with that profession, is a uniform. There is a uniform for the policeman, a nurse, a lab technician, security guard, a chef, a postman, and so on. Though, from place to place the finer details of a uniform might change, but you are not likely to see a security guard wearing an apron or a policeman wearing a chef hat!

 Red Kap Industries, a division of V.F Workwear, is one of the largest manufacturers of occupational apparel for men and women across America. Over the years, it has become almost a household name in the work environment. As a member of the world’s leading publicly owned apparel company, Red Kap is a part of the family of leading brands, such as Wrangler, Lee, Vans, Reef, Jansport and the like. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Red Kap has been serving the occupational apparel needs of the nation since 1923. It started out as a family business. Two Nashville brothers and a cousin-by-marriage teamed up to sell bib overalls as Harlin Bros. & Williams. With comfortable and durable products and a great service, it is no wonder their company grew. By the 1960s, Red Kap had become a major player in the work-wear industry.

In recent years, Red Kap has become a benchmark for value added service in the uniform industry. It also offers big and tall sizes, as well as plus sizes for women. Red Kap combines style with comfort. In recent years, it has introduced a whole new line of clothing for chef wear and kitchen wear. For example, the aprons from Red Kap come in a variety of designs and colors to suit every taste. They are durable and long-lasting. Red Kap also offers uniform work jacket solution for all occupations. For those who have to work outdoors during the cold climates, it offers Heavyweight Cold Weather Parka Jackets in various sizes. At times one pays a great deal of attention to one’s clothing, but forgets about accessories such as belts. Needless to say, it is important to pay attention to such small details. Red Kap offers two scratch-less leather work belts.

Sullivan Uniform Company brings a wide range of Red Kap Work Clothing at reasonable rates. It offers work clothing for all professions such as Housekeeping, Medical, Laboratory, Restaurants, and Security. One can customize the apparel that one purchases through Sullivan Uniform Company. Customers can get their name or custom logos embroidered on any work shirt, jacket, or hat, and all this for a nominal price. Sullivan Uniform Company accepts various credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. It also accepts Paper Checks or Money Orders and PayPal. The security features on the website ensures against any misuse of one’s information by unauthorized individuals. It also offers a 60-day return/exchange policy in case customer is not satisfied with the product for any reason. This also includes any item that is washed and worn, or custom embroidered. The website features a Catalog that showcases all the products offered.

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