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Sunshine Carpet Cleaning
Phone: 3215368883
Your Carpets Need Occasional Deep Cleaning for a Better Standard of Living!

A carpeted floor is inviting, cozy and hygienic. It gives a warm and snug feeling all year round. It betrays the taste of the homeowner and adds to the décor. It is easy to maintain with a simple vacuum. But all these advantages are lost if it is not maintained properly.

Vacuuming the carpet may give you a feeling that all is well, and it is the only thing that needs to be done. While vacuum cleaning is a good interim solution, it is not enough.

Over time carpets accumulate organic waste such as dead skin cells and pet furs. Gradual build-up of bacteria and dirt in the carpet gives a dull look and may even give out nasty odor not noticed by inhabitants.

A household vacuum cleaner can only reach surface dirt. Over time the dirt and organic waste penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, where vacuum cleaner doesn’t reach. When your carpets look stained and there is a sense of bad odor, it is time for a deep clean.

Deep cleaning of carpets has health benefits too. Dust inside carpet can cause allergy such as eczema, an allergy of the skin. It can also complicate breathing condition such as asthma. A good maintenance of the carpet can extend its lifespan. Carpets need cleaning once every 6 months to 18 months, depending on circumstances. A household with small children and pets need cleaning more often.

Deep cleaning is best left to professionals. They have advanced equipment to clean the carpet to bring it back to its near original form. They use industry best practices to deep clean carpets, recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning is a professional cleaning company, specializing in deep cleaning of carpets, area rugs, upholstery, and other surfaces. They are based out of Melbourne, Florida. They have been offering cleaning services to homes and offices in and near Melbourne, including Palm Bay, FL, since 2003.
Sunshine Carpet Cleaning uses Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method to deep clean carpet. HWE is the only cleaning method recommended by leading carpet manufacturers such as Shaw and Mohawk. HWE uses a combination of hot water (at over 230 degrees), cleaning agents and high pressure to extract dirt from deep within the fibers. The dirt is then removed by high efficiency vacuum machines. It sanitizes the carpets while cleaning them. Hot Water Extraction method of cleaning carpets brings them back to their near original form, removes the stains, removes odor, and extends the life. The typical drying time is about 4 to 6 hours.

Besides carpet cleaning, Sunshine Carpet Cleaning offers a host of other cleaning solutions of the surfaces. They offer tile and grout cleaning service. It restores the original look of the floor and wall tiles to how they looked when they were new. They clean area rugs using a multi-step process to remove the grime and dust that were accumulated over a period. They also specialize in cleaning of upholstery, laminated floors, and leather surfaces. They can help remove pet odor and repair damaged carpets.

If you are living in or around Melbourne, FL, Sunshine Carpet Cleaning can be your one-stop-shop for all cleaning needs!

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