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Tom's House of Hydraulics, Inc
2904 Duluth
West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone: 916-372-9692
Fax: 916-372-5785
Supplier of Truck Mounted Equipment, Truck Bodies and Hydraulic Systems

Tom’s House of Hydraulics is a one-stop shop catering to all requirements for manufacturing, distribution, and service for truck mounted equipment, dump & custom truck bodies, and cranes & hydraulic systems in Sacramento and across Northern California.  The truck mounted equipment from Tom’s House of Hydraulics ranks as one of the best and incorporates some of the greatest safety and performance features. Tom’s also offers AR400 flat floor dumps, chipper boxes, and custom flat beds to name a few.

Minimizing wear and tear on the truck's components can extend the frequency of repairs, or better still, eliminate the need for repairs. This is the main reason why a majority of dump truck buyers are spending a bit extra for an air-ride suspension on their dump trucks and trailers. Some of the crucial aspects in the case of dump bodies are the dimensions and proportions so as to have the best possible axle carrying capacities.

Tom’s House of Hydraulics offers a full range of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum dump bodies in measurements spanning from 2 yards up to 30 yards. The dump bodies from Tom’s Hydraulics are designed in such a manner that they can withstand the rigors associated with the type of application they are intended for. Utmost care is taken to design the dump bodies so that the trucks do not have to suffer downtime due to body bending or hoist malfunctions. The custom dump bodies from Tom’s Hydraulics can be built with a rear or side dump and come with a 5 year written warranty. Tom’s is also the sole distributor of Galion dump bodies west of the Rocky Mountains.

The light weight and heavy weight super dumps are designed to suit individual requirements. Tom’s also offers a full line of elliptical dump bodies such as light and heavy weight dumps suited for all construction needs. Tom’s House of Hydraulics, Inc has been one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for spare parts and service for truck mounted equipment, truck bodies and hydraulic systems.  Based in Sacramento, Tom’s Hydraulics boasts of a fully equipped facility with the latest technology. Some of the other products and services offered by Tom’s include an Asphalt Dump Body, Conveyors & Hi Lift Installation, and Elliptical dumps with Hi Lift Tailgates to name a few.

Besides providing products, Tom’s offers troubleshooting services for any issues one may encounter with regards to hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, cranes, and lift gates. These troubleshooting services are available over the phone to save time. As part of their Technical Specification development services, they assist in assessing and developing correct technical specifications for private, state, county and local government bids.

So next time you are in the market for adding a construction service truck to your fleet, consider buying the base chassis from the manufacturer and then head on over to Tom’s for a custom truck body that will fit your needs whether it be a dump body, service body or even a utility body with a crane lift attached.

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