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Television shows aka television programs are a portion of content aimed to be broadcasted on television.
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Television shows aka television programs are a portion of content aimed to be broadcasted on television. A television show could be a one-time display or part of a regularly repeating serial. Television shows that consist of a certain number of sequences are usually referred to as a serial or miniseries. Some television shows that do not have a fixed length are usually segregated into seasons or series, that are further divided into episodes of annual or semi-annual series where new episodes are introduced. On the other hand, a one-time production is usually called as a special.

The aim of a television show is to entertain or inform its audience whether broadcasted as a fictional program or a non-fictional show. Fictional scripted entertainments are usually broadcast in the form of drama or comedies while nonfictional programs include reality television, news programs or documentary series.

According to research reports, the world of television is a faster growing element of revenues for major media companies than feature films. Over the years there has been a greater emphasis with regards to quality in a variety of television programs.

Similar to filmmaking, producing a television show is usually divided into three areas. These include the preproduction stage, principal photography and the postproduction stage. Almost all television programs across the world are dependent on procuring sponsors or selling advertising time between the shows. This makes television shows or programs a commercial business.

Usually fictional television programs in the United States are funded through deficit financing; wherein a studio funds the production budget of a show while the network bears a license fee to the studio for the permission to broadcast the program.


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