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Thailand Dive and Sail
4/88 Soi Bang La On, Moo 7
Khao Lak
Phang Nga
82190 Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 76 485 518
Liveaboard Diving and Sailing in Andaman Sea

When we reflect on the world we live in or the mother earth, we mostly visualize it as dry land, with roads, bridges, various infrastructure men have built, houses, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, flora and fauna, etc. In our imagination, this earth we visualize is endless, vast and gigantic, of which we have seen only a ridiculously small percentage in our lifetime. But when we come to think of the fact that this world we visualize is only one third of our earth, the triviality of our knowledge of our world stares at us or the vastness of the oceanic proportion of earth dawns on us.

Really, if you haven’t seen the seas, you haven’t seen the world we live in. There is one way of seeing the it, that is traveling on a cruise. Barring the moments you go to the deck or look through the windows of your cabins, you hardly miss the life you are used to on land. If you want to be up close with the sea, don’t just go to the beach and sun tan yourself, get inside it…DIVE!

Diving and exploring what the sea has in store will make you realize what you missed on land. There is an entirely different world, with vivid images as thrilling or perhaps more, as on land. It is colourful, exhilarating, vivid and dangerous at times too. There are many popular diving destinations around the world, such as Indonesia, with its 13,000 islands (largest archipelago in the world), Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands (west of Ecuador), Bonaire in the Caribbean, of course Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and islands and coastline along the Andaman Sea.

Andaman Sea, also called the Burma Sea, is a body of oceanic water southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar, west of Thailand and east of the Andaman Islands. It extends from Myanmar, past the west coast of Thailand to beyond the Malaysian border. It is a part of Indian Ocean. There are over 150 islands in this sea, most of which are not inhabited. Andaman Sea is blessed with lush primary vegetation, rich flora and fauna, down to idyllic sandy beaches.

There are many tour operators in this region that offer scuba diving and liveaboard trips in many diving spots littered along the shoreline of Thailand and the offshore islands. Most of these trips originate from the coastline of Phuket, which is ideally placed for beginners to learn the ropes before they are ready for more adventurous diving spots. Similan and Surin Islands that are located towards the North of Thailand Shoreline, offer breath-taking scenery and great diversity of marine life. In recent years, these islands have commanded great interest and respect of the diving community.

Thailand Dive & Sail is a tour operator in Thailand, offering Liveaboard diving and sailing trips to the Similan Islands in Thailand, the Mergui Archipelago and Burma Banks in Myanmar (Burma) from Khao Lak. Thailand Dive & Sail, with years of experience in organizing diving trips in the region, offers individual advice and provide first-hand information.



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