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The Hamper Emporium
16 Leeds Street
Rhodes NSW 2138
Phone: 1300 459 452
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A Gift Hamper For That Someone Special!

What thousand words can’t express, an image can and what thousand images can’t, a gift can! You might spend an entire season providing world class services to your client or give the best of working conditions to your staff, but what a thoughtful gift can’t, nothing else can. A gift hamper is an ultimate gesture to convey to someone that you care. Whether it is from a son to his dad on Father’s Day or from a friend on Friendship Day, a gift hamper evokes feelings that one can hardly express in words.

There are a variety of gift baskets, varying by the tastes of the recipient or dictated by the occasion. The possibilities are endless and an occasion can readily be forthcoming, if there is an overwhelming urge to convey to someone that you care. Father’s Day or a Valentine’s Day, just another day on the calendar. There is nothing to tell from one day to another. But, we dedicate some days of the calendar to someone, for that someone holds a special place in our lives and in our hearts. We get together to make that someone feel special on that particular day.

Days pass between a client and the vendor, when only formal words are exchanged, deadlines are set and met, goals are defined and performance measured against benchmarks. But, behind this mask of corporate niceties, there lies a human being, full of emotions, feelings, with a need to be loved, pampered and cared for. One can never put these feelings to words and demand attention. A thoughtful gift, accounting for ones likes and dislikes, makes one see the other in an entirely different light. It creates a bond that a thousand pleasant words can’t.

Gourmet gift hampers or gift baskets typically include few articles of food and non-food items, wrapped in gift wrappers and delivered to one’s home. Typical food items in a gift hamper are exotic fruits, chocolates, dried food, quality cheese, crackers and wine. Non-edible items typically include promotional merchandise, plants or flowers. Corporate gifts are usually customized with their logo and other branding-related graphics. Christmas is perhaps the most popular occasion for sending gourmet gift hampers.

The Hamper Emporium ( is one of Australia’s leading gourmet gift hamper stores, featuring a wide variety of gift hamper for every occasion. One is almost sure to find items at The Hamper Emporium that will be cherished by the recipient of the gift hamper.

The Hamper Emporium partners with large food producers and wholesalers, procuring quality materials at best rates, passing on the price benefit to its customers. It delivers all its items free across Australia and in most cases the next day. If you can’t find your preferred gift hamper, you can simply request one made for you through a simple online form. Corporates can customize the hampers with their branding and there will be no mention of Hamper Emporium on hampers. The gift tags and the ribbons can be customized with company’s logo.

When you are sending someone a special gift hamper, you will not have a second chance. You should get it right with your selection of the hamper and the hamper company should get it right with quality of products, aesthetic wrapping and timely delivery. With a product rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 ( The Hamper Emporium is a reliable hamper company to trust your hamper.

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