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Tips to buy the right quality new or used pallet racks

Pallet racks have solution to all types of storage needs raised by factory and warehouse. The heavy duty storage is required in many factories where everything starting from raw material to finished product is bulky and heavy. The pallet racks specially designed for industrial applications can store these bulky goods in segregated and accessible manner for better productivity. These racks are available in several designs to offer utmost functionality that will take care of all types of industrial applications.

Here are the various forms of pallet racks that can be used to address your storage needs –

  1. Structural Racks – These racks come with static design where the rack is bolted to the surface below or floor. The static structure makes it suitable to store the heavy duty material. Some facilities also use these to provide extra strength and support to the roof. These racks are stronger and would handle heavy material that can be handled by forklift.
  2. Drive-in and Drive-through Racks – This is one of the most efficient designs available for racks. The pallets can be stored close to each other and there is no need to keep much space to move. The drive-in type of rack allows the forklift to enter from one side to put or pick the pallet. Drive—through design allows access from both sides. Such a storage works on LIFO (Last In First Out) system of inventory management as the pallets are stored and used from the same side of the rack. The popularity of these racks is with the warehouses where shelf life may not play vital role while deciding the storage pattern.
  3. Push Back Racks – Push back racks are also used for close packed storage. The storage is easy as the pallets are pushed from front to be stored at back. When a pallet is used, the one at the back slides in front automatically. The rotation of inventory is not possible, hence this system can be used only where there is no limited shelf life for the material.
  4. Carton Flow Racks – The principle of gravity is at the base of this rack design. The cartons are stored on inclined shelves and on removal of first carton, the next moves ahead due to the slope. It works on FIFO (First In First Out) system of inventory management as the cartons are stored from back and used from front. This is the best thing to use where the rotation of inventory is important!
  5. Cantilever Racks – Cantilever racks are designed to store the long materials like pipes, wooden planks, and other stuff where you require no barriers on sides.

Buying the Used Racks
All of the above racks can be procured in the new or used condition depending on the budget and requirement. The used racks will fit even a slim budget without compromising on storage space. Most of the used racks are procured from industrial sites where the usage standards are maintained as per the industrial standards and hence the quality is not an issue. In case you are not finding the used rack as per your storage need then you can also check out for the new racks available at competitive price online.

Whatever rack you buy, remember that it will manage your assets in the form of inventory and finished goods. Don’t compromise on strength of the rack at any cost! is Minneapolis MN based company specializing in warehouse storage equipment of all kinds. The company is the Used Rack division of renowned SJF Material Handling Inc. dealing in all types of industrial racks that cater to storage needs across all industries.

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