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Vienna City Tours
Tramplein 8A Vienna, Austria
1441 GP
Phone: +43-12675949
Fax: +31299771051
Explore Vienna At Your Pace With Unique Touring Ideas

Travelling is always fun but it would be even better if you can travel at your own terms. Group tours specially designed to match the choice of traveler in terms of timings, mode of transport, and tourist attractions would add to the overall experience. Group tours or conducted tours are meant for tourists across the globe but not all humans are equal and so are their preferences. Some would be interested in historic monuments while some others would be hooked to the modern infrastructure. Tourists fall into all categories like art lovers, history explorers, shopaholics, adventure enthusiasts, to those who love to travel at leisure. There are many categories of tourists then how can their tours be same!

The idea of “One-Size-Fits-All” would not work for site-seeing tours and one day excursions as there are lot many things to explore in limited time. The idea of going solo would also not help as the real fun of travelling lies with the group and well-informed tourist guide. If you are travelling to Vienna and planning to explore this picturesque capital of the Republic of Austria on your own terms then check out Vienna city tours that would offer you complete control over your tour planning while giving you flexibility of choice. You can discover Vienna by opting for various tour options as mentioned here.

Walking Tours – Walking tours are different and unique. You can enjoy the wholesome view of the city by walking through the narrow lanes and old city. The heritage of the city lies in its original architecture and old time infrastructure. You can walk down with the group of likeminded tourists and expert guide as a part of this walking tour. These tours are planned at different times of the day to let you be the part of this city and its colorful moods.

Bike Tours – Enjoy cycling on the predefined routes that exhibit the essence of this city. You will be glad to travel on the famous roads that lead to tourist attractions like the Opera House, the Imperial Palace, the House of Parliament, museums, and palaces. The bike tours are planned to offer you a closer look into the city’s hustle and bustle. You will enjoy these well-planned bike tours that will take you through the city at your own pace.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours – This is another way of discovering the city at your pace. These double decker buses travel on multiple routes and have stops at various places of tourist interest. The frequency is also high and won’t keep you waiting at the stops. You can travel through the various tourist attractions at leisure and if time permits then you will have the chance to travel the same place again as this hop-on hop-off facility allows you to travel on the same route any number of times if it falls in your ticket validity time.

You will get the option of touring by mini-bus and van to places around Vienna like Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, and many such amazing places as well when you check out with experienced travel planners in the city.

Vienna City Tours is the renowned name in Vienna for exploring this city of museums, palaces, and picturesque landscape at your pace and in your budget. They have come up with unique concept of touring where you get the expert guidance, company of fellow tourists, and your own pace in one simple package. Their experience and acquaintance to Vienna would make your tour memorable.

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