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Womble Carlyle Law Firm
Full-Service Business Law Firm

Ignorantia juris non excusat . In other words, a person cannot be excused for violating law merely because he or she was unaware of its content. Law is a specialized knowledge. When you yourself are not a specialist, then you hire one. A lawyer is that specialist who argues his or her client’s case before the court of law, and with his/her special knowledge, makes a committed and efficient protestation. When a lawyer or a team of lawyers form a business entity in order to engage in the practice of law, such an entity is called a law firm.

The main service that a law firm provides is to advise its clients about their legal rights and responsibilities. Clients could either be individuals or corporates. Law firms represent their clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other matters in which legal assistance is sought.

Law firms are arranged in a number of ways, based on law the jurisdiction in which the firm practices. Some of the common arrangements include:

- Sole proprietorship: In this type of law firm, the attorney is the law firm and is responsible for all profit, loss and liability.
- General partnership: In this type of law firm, all the attorneys of the firm have an equal share in the ownership and liability.
- Limited liability Company: Here the attorney-owners are called "members" but are not directly liable to third party creditors of the law firm.
- Limited liability partnership (LLP): In this type of firm, the attorney-owners are partners with one another. However, no partner is liable to any creditor of the law firm. Similarly, no partner is liable for any negligence on part of any other partner.
- Professional corporations: These issue stock to the attorneys in a manner similar to that of a business corporation.
- Professional associations: These operate in a similar manner as that of a professional corporation or a limited liability company.

Like in all spheres of life, law firms too, identify their core practice areas. There are family law firms, business law firms, criminal defense firms, personal injury law firms, property and real estate law firms and more. This specialization in a particular area enables them to represent their clients in the most effective way.

Womble Carlyle is one of the leading full-service business law firms in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The firm was established way back in 1876, and now boasts of over 530 lawyers. The law firm has a presence in eleven offices across various states in the US. Womble Carlyle provides legal advice to firms across various industries such as finance, transportation, life sciences, manufacturing, telecommunications and energy, healthcare, education, and much more. Their practice areas cover a wide range of issues affecting businesses, including employee benefits, bankruptcy, business litigation, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, antitrust litigation, climate change and more.

The firm provides true value to its clients by a thorough understanding of their needs. The professional team of lawyers at Womble Carlyle is trained and experienced in their respective fields. The firm maintains strong ethical values and a deep sense of commitment to its clients’ needs. And with eleven locations spread across the US, one is sure to find professional legal help close by.

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