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Because we entrust our money to the bank, or take money from them, it becomes necessary to ensure that healthy business practices are resorted to, and that the safety...
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Whenever it happened that one manís resource was not good enough to start a new enterprise, he has had to borrow resources. Thus was born the bank. A bank is an institution taking deposits from the public, and issuing loans to them, or to other entities. The interest paid on deposits is always lesser than the interest charged on loans taken, thus ensuring the profitability of banks. Banking refers to the transactions carried out by an individual or organization providing financial services to the consumers (people, businesses, even governments). It consists of safeguarding and transfer of funds, lending of funds, guaranteeing creditworthiness, and exchange of money. A narrower and more common definition of banking is the acceptance, transfer, and, most important, creation of deposits. As so much of an economy ride on the banking services, banking is a heavily regulated activity, although some traditional banking outside the scope of such regulations takes place all the time. Usually a Central Bank oversees the working of all other banks within its jurisdiction.

The word bank comes from the Italian word banca, and refers to the bench that the money-lender would sit on while transacting his business. It is an old institution and has existed in most economies since the earliest times; although the range of services provided, the technology, the regime of regulations and the amounts of resources dealt with have not always been the same. It is obvious that banks provide the modern economy and its participants with many valuable services. Because we entrust our money to the bank, or take money from them, it becomes necessary to ensure that healthy business practices are resorted to, and that the safety and integrity of our investments are ensured.

In this section of 01webdirectory, we provide a comprehensive list of banking resources, ranging from banking directories, online banks to other banks offering loans at attractive rates of interest.


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