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The term "culinary" is described as something affiliated to, or associated with, cooking.
A Culinary School or Cooking / Cookery School or Catering College is an establishment committed to the education of the art and science of food planning and development. The term "culinary" is described as something affiliated to, or associated with, cooking. A culinarian employed in an eating house or reputed restaurant is usually referred to as a Professional Cook or a Chef. To become a professional cook, it is necessary and of absolute requirement to hold a professional degree or certification from an accredited school dedicated in the science and education of food.

Culinarians are in charge of managing expertly crafted meals that are as delightful to the taste buds as it is to the eye. Because it is essential for a culinary professional to have an expert knowledge of food and the science involved in it as well as an in depth grasp of nutrition and diet, culinary schools offer education in various fields within cooking. There are numerous kinds of cooking schools across the globe, a few dedicated to imparting instruction and knowledge to professional chefs, while others are aimed at budding enthusiasts, while still others offer qualification and training to a mix of both professionals and amateurs.

Cooking schools offer degrees, diplomas and certifications and a wide range of programs ranging from a few hours in a day to several years. Some specialised programs extend a scholastic degree or a recognized vocational eligibility, while others are basic programs aimed at offering guidance and training. Almost every cooking school degree offers some area of hands-on participation in the kitchen of an eatery affiliated to the institute or duration of work exposure in a privately owned restaurant chain.

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