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Probably dolls have been used by children from the beginning, the earliest recognizable example being those kept in Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 2000 BC...
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Our childhood is a time of make-believe and trivial indulgence in fantasy that forms our sentient world. Our absolute fixation as children with toys is symptomatic of the trust we place in others and the ease with which we make friends with things and people. Dolls and puppets are our close friends when we are small, and they give us company when the adult world is only a chimera beyond our comprehension.

Dolls are playthings used by children which are mainly in the form of humans, animals, fictional creatures or characters, or any object with projected animated capacity. Made out of various things – cloth, wool, leather, plastic, resin, paper, porcelain, horn or ivory, felt or wood – dolls are favorite playthings of kids, especially girls. Dolls might be used by adults as cultural keepsakes, memorabilia, ceremonial accessory or something else. Although dolls are usually smaller than life size, they can be much bigger as well, especially when made of softer material. For example, the various forms of stuffed toys like teddies are becoming more popular not only with kids, but also with older girls and women.

Probably dolls have been used by children from the beginning, the earliest recognizable example being those kept in Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 2000 BC. Today, dolls are being made in the form of celebrities – like Britney Spears doll, Christina Aguilera doll, Spice Girls dolls, while certain dolls themselves have attained celebrity status, like the Disney doll products, the Barbie and Bobblehead. The toy industry is a cross-cultural global industry with numerous products being launched every year.

Puppets could be termed a subtype of dolls that is any form of animated show controlled via some mechanical contrivance. They may be material – in the form of dolls attached with strings- or they may be non-material – in the form of shadows formed against light. This later form of puppet could be very old as reference of it is found in Plato’s famous ‘cave’ example. Puppets may be used in the form of entertainment for young as well as adult people, or they may be used as education or satire. Puppets are old cultural contrivances that emerged everywhere and are still popular in many places. Television is providing a newer medium for this old form of entertainment nowadays.

Dolls and puppets are universally loved by small children. The gift of a doll is accepted by a child with delight, and its loss is bemoaned as catastrophic. The beauty of a doll is that it is one of the few things that one buys for others – and hence the extra delight attendant with it. Regardless of what sort of gift you are interested in, or whom you want to gift it to, this page in 01webdirectory is your portal to the wonderful world of dolls and puppets.


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