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Drink Responsibly and Drive Safe

Drinking and driving make for a ‘deadly’ combination - “deadly’ both in letter and spirit. Not only such a driver puts at risk his and fellow passengers’ lives, but also of other drivers’ and road users’. Intoxication affects your spatial and temporal reasoning, jeopardising your sense of judgement. There is a reason why such drivers are punished with a heavy hand. Direct punishment may be in the form of cash penalty, possible prison sentence, suspension of one’s driving license, possible community service order, etc.  Indirect consequences are equally damning, such as increased insurance premium, chances of losing the job, and lifelong black spot on one’s credentials. It is not just a legal requirement but a civil responsibility of every individual not to drive while being in an inebriated state. Majority of road accidents are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. You might simply take a taxi home or have a friend drive that is not drunk and it avoids a lot of unpleasantness.

It is the young blood often that makes one not realize the consequences of an act, but adopt a state of mind that thinks life is fun and it is meant to be spent such. We should have a reasonable first offence excuse, if not pardon, lest the individuals repeat the act. It is found that only about 10% of individuals are convicted for drink driving the second time within 10 years of first conviction. So, there must be something right about how law is approaching this issue. However, one can’t completely escape the consequence but have the conviction formally made and license suspended. Consequently, the vehicle insurance costs also rise. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable.

Law has recourse in such cases. The jurisdictional court can direct the convicted individual to a drink driving rehabilitation course. It is up to the individual to attend the drink driving rehabilitation course, but there are advantages in attending this course. Attending drink driving rehabilitation course helps the convicted revoke his/her suspension by up to 25% earlier. Also, motor car insurance companies reduce the high premium costs if one produces the course completion certificate. is a drink and driving information portal in the UK offering comprehensive information related to drink driving. Information ranges from drink driving related laws in the UK, consequences of drink driving conviction, drink driving & criminal defense solicitors, rehabilitation course details, to insurers specialising in drink driving insurance and latest drink driving related news. offers quotes from insurers specialising in drink driving insurance. Since, conviction in a drink driving case can increase the convict’s insurance costs, and some insurance companies might even refuse to offer insurance, it pays for such individuals to spend time looking for an insurance company that offers insurance coverage at competitive rates. Since difference between insurers’ quotes can vary to a great degree, it is useful to spend time in comparing offers from different insurance companies. Your chances of finding better deals and more offers are more, if you have completed The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course.

The consequences of drink driving are unavoidable, but driving under the influence is definitely avoidable. Drink responsibly and drive safe.

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