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Energy Power Systems
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Different Ways to make your CAT Power Engines more Efficient and Affordable

CAT® power engines, the most specialized form of engines that offer the engineering solutions for all industries have been appreciated for their performance and consistent quality. The name “CAT” is given to the equipments and engines that are offered by Caterpillar Incorporation, the world’s largest manufacturer for the equipments used in power generation, offshore production, oil and gas drilling as well as marine propulsion equipments.

The industries that operate mainly on these specialized equipments may find the service from Caterpillar worth an appreciation as the products from the manufacturer are sold with insurance and other maintenance contracts.  The big businesses may easily install the CAT® Power Systems in their manufacturing unit but at the same time the maintenance becomes the big concern.

How to make the CAT® power systems affordable?
If you are finding the cost and maintenance of these power systems quite high then there are affordable ways waiting for you.

CAT® Rental Power
This is one of the most affordable ways to get the equipment for your business without investing hefty. The advantages include;
-    Maintenance of the equipments without setting up the separate maintenance cell.
-    You can focus on your core business while your equipments will be maintained by the professionals.
-    Always rent the latest products and use the latest technology.
-    No need to arrange for the storage and maintenance as they will be taken care of by the rental service provider.
-    Round the clock expert support.

Used Equipment
This is probably the best way to own equipment at an affordable price. Caterpillar understands the value of purchasing the equipment for permanent installation in the factory and hence to get the costs down, the wide dealer network of the manufacturer brings you the Caterpillar certified used equipments for purchase. You can also be the proud owner of such used equipments in order to get your manufacturing unit running without any halt. It may surely be the best idea for making the entire deal affordable but for that you may make sure that these used equipments stand by the following requirements.

-    Dealer certification availed after the proper inspection and tests carried out by the Cat trained engineers.
-    Power systems may hold Caterpillar certification in order to meet the company standards.
-    Ready to be used on installation.
-    Warranty offered for minimum of 12 months.
-    Service history that is fully documented and verified.
-    Tested and inspected.
-    Refurbished engines to make them work just like the new ones.

Both of the above ways are the most popular ways adopted by the industries worldwide to keep their expenses in check while installing the latest technology. If you have been planning to adopt any of the above methods then make sure that you are doing it through the right channel so as to get the trusted results.

Energy Power Systems is the specialised dealer for CAT® engine in Australia. The company holds the wide portfolio with the equipments ranging from marine propulsion to offshore production. The company also specialises in offering the trusted service in the field of used and rental generators and engines.

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