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These are then interpreted by the brain which makes a response. The sense organs that make us perceive the stimuli are: eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue...
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Our living is dependent on the responses to stimuli we make. Day in and day out we respond to the innumerable amount of stimuli our bodies are bombarded with. The five sense organs in our body are the primary channel through which we perceive stimuli. These are then interpreted by the brain which makes a response. The sense organs that make us perceive the stimuli are: eyes, ears, nose, skin, and tongue.

Eyes regulate the amount of light energy and interpret it enabling us to see. Electromagnetic waves in the visible range are identified and transmitted to the brain that interprets the information. In addition to color, we perceive depth and distance with this information. In the modern day, there is not one human being without an eye problem at some point in the lifetime. Myopia or Hypermetropia, glaucoma, or cataract, are the common ailments known to almost every human being.

Ears interpret audio frequencies and enable us to hear. Damage to ears is common in today’s world, what with the noise pollution rising to never before levels. The most common problems relate to hearing deficiencies or deficits caused by physical trauma or exposure to loud noise for considerable periods of time. Problems related to the tympanic membrane, cochlear area or the three tiny bones present in the ear can lead to partial or total deafness. The study of the anatomy and physiology of the ear is a specialized branch of modern medicine called Otology.

The skin forms the basis for racial differentiation. However, more important than this is the important function the skin provides by absorbing harmful UV radiation from the sun and enabling us to live normal, healthy lives. The melanin present in the skin helps absorb UV radiation. Hair present on the skin augments its function by providing insulation, gender differentiation, or camouflage. Skin care is a multi billion dollar business with the number of skin care products sold daily. The number of skin clinics sprouting in every nook and corner is further evidence of the fact.

The nose and tongue provide the sense of smell and taste respectively. The olfactory cells in the inner lining of the nostrils enable us to smell. The lack of the ability to smell or decreased ability is known as Anosmia and Hyposmia respectively.


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