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Health being so important to all of us, it is no surprise that today individuals, companies, and governments and international agencies are stressing so much on disease prevention, cure and good living in general...
Health is wealth, and when we are sick, we cherish it more than wealth. In an earlier age we blamed ill-health on the wrath of gods. Since Hippocrates we know better, and today science has told us that behind every ailment there is a reason. All the same, the essence of good living is not only to prevent diseases, but to cure them when we are sick, by knowing the right antidotes. Health being so important to all of us, it is no surprise that today individuals, companies, and governments and international agencies are stressing so much on disease prevention, cure and good living in general.

In the centuries since our civilization came into being, we have devised many theories on health and invented varied cures for many ailments. We open the papers, and we find adverts for specialized institutions, hospitals, yoga centers and all other havens of nirvana. We open the TV and we are bombarded with adverts of shampoos, body oils, analgesics, anti-impotency drugs and aphrodisiacs, and everything else from health additives to lifestyle products. Serious discussions verge on the utility of medicines, pros and cons of alternative medicines, theory of vaccination, social spending on health, etc.

This comprehensive section of the directory harbors links to everything from medicines, to health publications, hospitals, health-gears and everything you need for healthy living.

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