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Women’s clothing have been the defining aspect of human beauty, and each culture has projected its own values on the woman’s body...
Women’s clothing has been through numerous changes consequent upon the universal perception of women being better looking and hence deserving of more decoration. Woman has been the recipient of the undivided attention of poets, playwrights and designers alike, and each tried to project his perception of perfection upon women. Since the earliest times, women’s clothing have been attended with an attention to detail, a luxuriousness of intricacy, a penchant for colors, a propensity for innovation and invention that was absent elsewhere. Consequently, sartorial development went much ahead with the fair sex, and a whole gamut of clothing has been laid at their disposal. Across cultures, women’s clothing captures more colors, fabrics, liveliness and vigor.

In a way, the clothing of woman has defined her. The clothing being her identity, any adventure with such identity has resulted in social chaos – Shakespeare’s comedies have captured the hilarious part of what happens when a woman dissembles as a man. Feminists allege that woman’s clothing has also defined her confines – in general woman’s clothing is not conducive to mobility. A receptacle of sexuality and honor in male perception, her dress has been designed to restrict sexuality and honor to their proper places – a tendency that finds reflection in covered dresses for women, like in Muslim society. Such considerations apart, women’s clothing have been the defining aspect of human beauty, and each culture has projected its own values on the woman’s body.

Womens clothing can be varied, depending upon the culture, the occasion, the social standing and the utility, apart from a woman’s own choice. From formal gowns, ghagra cholis, salwars and ornate saries, women’s clothing have charted all corners of human imagination. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday or if the occasion is as mundane as going to office, clothes are a spokesman of the person wearing them. This section of the webdirectory is a testimony to the wide gamut of human imagination. With links to shops selling all forms of female clothing, this website is a tribute to the most beautiful of God’s creations.

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