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Laser hair treatment, baldness treatment, and other hair styling and hair care studios have a faithful clientele. From getting a simple haircut to getting a complex curl...
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While biologically there is not much utility behind human hair, it has always been a very distinguishing feature. It was the source of strength and the reason of downfall for Samson, the Christian Hercules. It was the source of insult in the Hindu epic Mahabharata that engendered the battle between a hundred kings. It is the repository of human dignity, and shearing of a pate has been considered as the ultimate insult. The charming tale of the epic battle of the sexes in Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock is started by the ravishment of the coiffure of our delicate heroine. Rapunzel, imprisoned in her arbor prison, let down her famous hair to lift the despised witch and the charming prince to herself. In folklore, in myths and legends, in cultures and traditions, as well as in history, hair has had an exceptionally important role to play. At times hair represented ulterior conceptions, at times hair was the arbiter of beauty.

Hair care has always been important. Oils and various other ingredients have been used in all cultures for a long time. Hair colors have been used as well, sometimes to color it to a different shade, sometimes to hide the grey. Flowers, perfumes, jewels and pins have been used by the royalty and the common people alike. Ivory combs and other adornments as embellishment of the coiffure are old tricks used by womenfolk around the world. Styling of hair has seen a world of variety, and it still remains a hot zone of experimentation in high fashion and the world of glamour.

Today, hair care products make a long list. Hair remains a cherished possession – those having it desire to maintain it; those a little lacking in this regard try the latest treatments to restore it to its erstwhile glory. Laser hair treatment, baldness treatment, and other hair styling and hair care studios have a faithful clientele. From getting a simple haircut to getting a complex curl, hair care industry is a thriving lot in this age of high pollution and hectic lifestyle. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, gels, and other chemicals go a long way in restoring the natural balance of the hair.

In this section of the directory we explore the ways in which hair care products can add to health and hygiene. The various links in this section guide you to various hair care products and hair care studios.


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