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. It is no surprise, therefore, that a beautiful skin has always been an object of cherish, a motivation for application...
The ugly and spotty frog turns into a charming prince upon a kiss from the lovely princess. An ugly skin has always been portrayed as representative of an ugly soul, a corrupt mind, a bad character. Conversely a beautiful and clear complexion has always been the usual accompaniment of a beautiful mind and character. It is no surprise, therefore, that a beautiful skin has always been an object of cherish, a motivation for application.

The ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians and Sumerians, and more importantly, the Chinese and the Indians, had developed pretty sophisticated system of skin care very early. Deriving mainly from natural products, these products did not cause much harm to the skin, unlike the alchemical compositions of the Middle Ages which had heavy chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic that caused irreparable damage to the skin.

Today skin care is a big industry worldwide. The polluted atmosphere, the hectic lifestyle, the peculiar eating habits, the polluted water, etc have caused much damage to the skin. This calls for perpetual restoration, and skin care helps in this process. Cosmetic companies are scouring the flora and fauna of the world in search of wonder cures to common skin ailments like acne and pimples, rashes and wrinkles. Different climatic conditions call for different skin treatments. Cold countries require moisturizers and cold creams, whereas warmer climes requires various soothing creams. Powders are used as deodorant as well as treatment for rashes from excessive heat. In this section of 01webdirectory we provide links to various skin care products and solutions for all types of skin care needs.

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