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Software creation is a broad area of work. There are various types of software: the system software, the application software and the programming software. Apart from it, there are other types of data and its concomitant interface...
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Knowledge and creative expressions have always existed. The advent of computers, however, enabled and necessitated the creation of a special type of intellectual property, called the computer software. It can be defined variously. Thus, computer software is the systematic logic and program used to run the hardware, so as to process or manage some information provided as input. Defined thus, software is everything that is not hardware, and would include Operating systems, BIOS, RAM data, drivers, diagnostic tools, as well as the various application software, data and information, files and documents, images and movies and songs, and everything else stored inside a computer. Depending upon context, software might just mean application software, or just operating systems. Conceptually, software may be defined as the interface between the hardware on one side, and data on the other, that the whole system processes and generates.

Software creation is a broad area of work. There are various types of software: the system software, the application software and the programming software. Apart from it, there are other types of data and its concomitant interface that is also part of software, like encyclopedia, the database, etc. As digitization becomes more intensive, the whole process becomes a part of software generation. Application software development and system software generation are very lucrative business, and there are thousands of companies around the world making software of various kinds for various needs. The rise of the internet has enabled the marketing and transfer of such software, as well as necessitated the generation of software relevant for the development of the internet itself.

In this section of the web directory, we provide you with a comprehensive list of resources, from software vendors to software concepts, and a lot more.


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