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Lately, the internet has become the biggest ground of communication, and all forms of online advertising and marketing are utilitized, a bad outcome of which is the...
Communication is the mechanism by which we share and transfer idea, knowledge, information or even emotions. Its objective can be various – to enable an action, to secure an information, to cooperate, etc. Business communication is a form of communication undertaken by business entities with an objective similar to the one for which the business exists – making profit. Thus, business communication is any form or type of communication used to promote a product, service, or organization - with the objective of making a sale.

Businesses have been with us for a long time. From time immemorial the local apothecary has been advertising his potions for a healthy life. The local baker has been singing paens of his wares and maligning that of his competitors. The football coach will tell how football is good for health and the pocket, and try to get a team before the summer season. The many theories and sophisticated models of communication have been built upon this solid foundation of experience and practice that has served its purpose for long.

Today, business communication is a complex field, and encompasses a huge body of knowledge including marketing, branding, customer relations, consumer behaviour, advertising, public relations, media relations, corporate communication, community engagement, research & measurement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, online communication, and event management. Whatever form it takes, the objective remains the same - to make a sale. Towards this purpose, all the latest media of communication are used, including the television, radio, movie, the billboards, the magazines, newspapers and other publications. Lately, the internet has become the biggest ground of communication, and all forms of online advertising and marketing are utilitized, a bad outcome of which is the spam.

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