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Event Planning & Management - Know More
As event management emerges as a huge service sector, more and more companies are entering the fray and offering different types of options...
Event management and planning is a service area that has come up lately with the growth of other businesses. Large events have always been held, whether they be religious festivals, government conferences or cultural concerts. However, local organizers, or in the case of government, governmental agencies, were responsible for planning, scheduling and organizing those events. Lately, from the middle of 20th century onwards, as the private sector became stronger and grew linkages with various other sectors, the importance of ‘events’ grew, and the requirement of event management came up. ‘Events’ need not always be big events involving a thousand people or a dozen nations - they can be more humble events like town meeting of all franchisees in a city, a symposium of salespersons or insurance brokers, a university convocation, and certainly bigger events like a country-wide concert, a beauty pageant, etc.

Thus, event planning and management is the process and activity of organizing an event, from its conception stage to its consummation. The event managers specialize in organizing events through their expert knowledge about venues, organizers, performers, materials, logistics, collaborative expertise, etc, and are, thus, uniquely poised to arrange a more successful and probably cheaper event. Today, various businesses, organizations, individuals and others take the help of event planners and managers to ensure events, thus freeing them of undue worries regarding arrangements, and allowing them to concentrate on their area of core competence.

As event management emerges as a huge service sector, more and more companies are entering the fray and offering different types of options. This section is your guide to the world of event management.

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