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Today, all forms of jewelry from imitation jewelry to expensive ones using precious metals and semi-precious and precious gems are widely available...
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The cost of real jewelry has traditionally confined their possession to the richer classes. The rudimentary techniques made complicated designs expensive. However, better cutting, polishing, molding and building techniques have resulted in cheaper jewelry. As the volume of production has increased and the consequent profit margins, low cost production became possible. Today, all forms of jewelry from imitation jewelry to expensive ones using precious metals and semi-precious and precious gems are widely available. Exotic designs are being introduced, and at times the whole production process is being off-shored to areas that have an expertise with jewelry production. From the domain of royalty and exclusive gold-smiths, jewelry production and marketing has become mainstream. Newer companies, brands and jewel lines are introduced, some of them purporting to be either royal jewels themselves, or inspired by them.

Worldwide, the jewelry industry has boomed in the post WWII years as the fascination with precious metal came to take a hold in many western societies and the level of affluence went up. In traditional societies like India, weddings and ceremonies are incomplete without jewelry. India remains the largest consumer of gold, thanks to the booming demand for gold and jewelry.

Today, jewelry are available in stores that range from small family shops (where jewelry are still produced with traditional methods in low volumes) to bigger shops that either produce the jewelry themselves or source them from outside. The concern for authenticity has made hologram authentication and other certification standard with bigger stores. Whether you are looking for a small earring, or a whole jewelry set with the latest design, the fabulous links hosted in our directory is sure to meet all your demands.


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