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Travel simply means the movement of people in various areas may be national, international, local or regional. There are different purposes of travelling which may include tourism, recreation, for researches or studies, vacations, volunteer travelling for charity, business travel, religious travels, migration from one place to other, for health treatments etc. The mode of travelling also varies and is dependent on the purpose and type of travel; it can be through private transport, public transport, trains, flights, walking, bicycling etc. Travel is an amalgamation of exploration, happiness or recreation or discovery. It also helps a lot in building the interpersonal relationships. Travelling gives the feeling and experiences of Kaleidoscope. It is a wonderful, adventurous, lovely and beautiful. Observation is the keen factor in travelling.


Importance of Travel

There are various reasons why people travel because without any reason there is no cause, so therefore travel involves on or the other motto or purpose. Travelling gives the experiences of the different pages of life. For some travel is just like reading the book, for someone learning about different foods, cultures, festivals, history or geography, health etc. The following are the different reason, which tells us why travel is important:

  • New Knowledge & Experiences:

By travelling people gain new knowledge and experiences, it is the best way to gain new experiences or perspectives. While travelling we meet different people and by hearing their problem and how they are facing or struggling for necessities of life, we forget our petty problems for some time. By seeing others sufferings and pain, we feel that our pain is nothing as compared to theirs.

  • Education and Learning:

Lots of learning experiences are gained during travelling and education is also enriched by achieving new knowledge. Gives information’s and knowledge about various places and its history.

  • Gives break :

Travelling gives a break or rest from fast life. People get relaxed and enjoy their trips and rest is also very important for everyone to work enthusiastically with new energy and refreshed mindset.

  • Act as a Connecting Link:

Travelling act as a connecting link between different people of different cultures, different mindsets, different knowledge& experiences. It is a human nature having curiosity to know about others culture, thus people are connected with each other.

  • Reduces Stress & Fatigue:

Travelling gives a mental, physical and emotional break and thus it reduces the stress or fatigue of a person.It gives new energy, strength and power. It gives pleasure and positive energy and happiness.


  • Increases awareness & knowledge:

While travelling we come across many new areas, places, cultures, traditions, languages, foods, lifestyles etc.It also increases the awareness and knowledge of a person and helps in giving a broad perspective of everything.

  • Powerful tool for personal development:

In travelling people explore, learn and grow which is the best tool for personality development.Travel enlightens the ideas and thinking of different people and helps to know different perspectives of different persons.

The concept of travel helps in many ways like it reflects the reality as it gives true picture far away from false beliefs which people used to have mostly without knowing the facts. So, this is best appropriate way in search of true facts without believing in any false notions. People know oneself more well in travel as they come across many people and how much they are confident, comfortable, interactive, knowledgeable, adjustable  with other people.The main core concept of travelling is that it breaks the monotony of the daily routine work. Travelling also gives the best practical experiences. It also widens the thinking ability of person and their imaginations.Current private jobs are just like a mad rush where the office reaching time is fixed but office-leaving time totally depends on boss. So here working people are very much frustrated and really wants to break this monotony by travelling going for vacations with their family and friends to get relaxed and stress free. It also leads to open- mindedness, broad perspective. Today the planning for any sort of travelling has become very easy due to travel agents and touring services, they make out the whole plans, choose and arrange the mode of transports; they also offer advices and suggestions and manage the budgets.Thus, it makes the travelling very easy and makes the customers stress free from planning to travel in present times.

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