Hidden Treasures of Pampanga, Philippines

Pampanga is most known for its culinary treasures, so it is not so hidden anymore. What we refer to Pampanga’s hidden treasures are not so popular places and attractions that deserve a spot in every traveler’s list of must-visits.

1) Miyamit Falls

At the heart of Porac is the majestic Miyamit Falls. Going to the falls takes about 4 hours of hiking. Before you get to the falls though, you might want to view its vastness at the viewing deck. The viewing deck itself can be seen a few kilometers while on the long rough road. There are 20 or so dilapidated steps going up the deck. You will hike for another one hour from the deck to go to the mesmerizing falls, but just seeing it will wipe the tiredness and discomfort away. The water is so clean, drinking straight from the basin is possible.

Miyamit Falls,Pampanga

2) Gintung Pakpak

Mt. Arayat is a famous destination in the province. At its foothill, nevertheless, is Gintung Pakpak Eco-Park. If communing with Mother Earth is your goal, then you should go here. The gate alone is a sight to behold, telling the story of Sinukwan and his daughters. Inside are a man-made lake, fish ponds, an amphitheater and gardens. The park has a natural spring pool as well. If you are craving for Kapampangan cuisine, you can go to Kabyayan Restaurant. Don’t worry though because Php150 of the Php200 entrance is consumable at the restaurant.

Gintung Pakpak, Pampanga

3) Haduan Falls

Located in Barangay Marcos, Haduan Falls is only accessible through passing the 120-meter hanging bridge. In the other side of the bridge is an Aeta community. Then, you need to pass through a steep slope, water streams, rock formations, riverside and boulders before seeing the falls. It is not your usual falls since boulders are hindering the smooth flow of water from atop. Nonetheless, it flows and catches at the little basins at the ground.

Haduan Falls, Pampanga

4) Nabuklod Mountain Resort

Nabuklod, which was named after an Aeta village in the area, is situated in the hilly area of Floridablanca. The resort boasts of activities and amenities that can rival that of other more famous places in Pampanga such as zipline, cable car, view decks and spa. There are also ATV and bike trails leading to the upland resort. Other facilities are a camping site and grotto.

5) Center for Kapampangan Studies

Center for Kapampangan Studies is one of the pride of Angeles. It has a museum, gallery, library and archives. The Center also advocates the preservation, study and promotion of Kapampangan culture and language, so if you need to learn anything about Pampanga and its people, your go-to place should be the Center. If you are lucky, you might witness a seasonal exhibit or a film showing.

6) Prado Farms

Prado Farms is found in Lubao. From the gate alone that is made up of different sizes of empty LPG tanks to the souvenirs, you will get to explore the farm province-style. For instance, you will be eating near the pond where you can also do fishing and roaming the farm through a carabao or bamboo bike ride. There are other facilities such as the blue house, theater room, yellow house, chapel, tennis room and pool. The Farm serves the guests organic food fresh from, where else, the farm. Even Caloy, the carabao, is fed with arugula!

There are hundreds of other places in the province that are waiting to be noticed and discovered. Above are just some of the best yet ‘unexplored’ places in Pampanga. Just not yet.

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By – Justin Torres

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