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How to Improve Digital Marketing Skills


Digital marketing is seen as a key strategic business tool in today`s world of business. One of the key marketing challenges for businesses is to identify what skills are needed to compete using digital marketing.

State of digital marketing talent

Overall survey on the state of digital marketing talent in companies reveals interesting trends. The executives and global agencies say that they are unhappy with the skills of their digital and social media talent and it is affecting their sales, employee retention and marketing ROI. Recruiting persons with right digital skills seem to be a challenge.

These executives were asked to state which digital marketing skills they value and which skills they actually possess. This is being defined as talent gap or digital skills gap. Thus makes it important for large enterprises and companies to invest in developing specific digital skills of their existing staff by undergoing Digital training.

There is driving demand to develop digital skills among marketers who would like to set  themselves apart in digital domain by developing their digital skills. This is essential for marketers to keep their digital marketing campaigns relevant and competitive with the latest trends.

Digital skills most sought after by brands

The most coveted digital marketing skills were Analytics and mobile marketing. Brand side executives should improve their team`s skills with training and better hiring as this will help them gain a competitive advantage and increase in market share. Skilled team members can help with better return on advertising and marketing.

Large enterprises and brand companies fail to achieve the desired output from their digital marketing teams owing to missing digital skills. Brands can improve their digital effectiveness by a planned approach to digital marketing, encouraging personal up skilling and investing in staff development.

Marketing and advertising leaders can gain a competitive advantage by acquiring digital skills through training in digital marketing. Other popular skill sets sought after by brands are Search Engine Marketing, SEO, marketing automation, social media marketing, Google Adwords, PPC.

Most coveted skills of Marketing Agencies

Agency executives believe that the most important skill to have is mobile marketing, followed by Analytics and marketing automation. There is a need for talent improvement in agencies as there is a 43% talent gap in mobile marketing and 30% talent gap in analytics. Agencies feel that their team is strong in some areas and weak or mediocre in others. With improved skills, they can win more deals and the client retention gets doubled.

Digital skills for Marketing professionals

Marketers have a greater desire to improve their digital skills in affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and digital strategy.  Marketing professionals, job seekers can increase their career opportunities by improving their skills in these areas.

Digital Training in Dubai

Dubai has many online digital marketing training institutes which offer digital marketing courses that are internationally recognized. Digital marketing skills are needed to build brands and for business growth. If you are a business owner in Dubai seeking to improve online engagement or a marketer of Dubai who would like to improve digital marketing skills, then you can avail digital training also from digital agencies in Dubai. They will impart training on how to use creative digital marketing techniques to deliver your marketing message to your intended audience.

There are digital marketing and technology agencies that will help transform your business with their creative strategy, ability to connect data with storytelling. So it best to invest in development of digital skills through Training digital marketing courses offered by institutes and digital agencies across Dubai and UAE which are both online and offline.

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